Buy FOCBOX Unity

FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Got mine printed:

StefanMe In BOM it say I need JST PH connector but in the listing from the link it shows JST and PH as different types, which one it should be, PH?


Where do I sign up for the next batch? :sweat_smile:


What are you going to do with the bom? There is not PCB yet right?


For real :pensive::pensive::pensive:


@pookybear @Touch415 I’m not 100% sure but I think the plan for now is use this as a feedback period from those who have the remote already, and then within a month or so to do another run with the new pcb’s and firmware

Of course only @StefanMe can confirm


Some of the parts, like connectors, hall sensor and mechanical parts will be still the same…


I want to sell 5 more complete sets with the new versions. Hardware is awesome.

Set includes a full Set:

1 x Feather remote in Black (Extra colours are possible for 15 Euros)
1 x Basic receiver with LC-Filter onboard
1 x Extension board to control break and headlight (12V, total power of 24W)



@pookybear @Touch415 check it out!!!


That extension boards is parity awesome idea


Ordered. Do I pay now or on completion? When is the estimated ship date?


JESUS I NEED TO GET ONE BUT MY PARENTS AREN’T HERE AND I NEED TO DO IT IN PERSON! SON OF A B_____. these are gonna sell out in seconds… damn’t


Ordered! Trying to PayPal money but I don’t know how much. LOL. Too damn excited


how many r left? lol i have the form filled out, but I need to pay, cough cough parents.


i don’t wanna tell u cause i want one but its 160 + 18 (for shipping) and if you chose color its + 15.


That too and I found the price. Hahahaha.

I just wanna make sure I got in before I pay.




He did say black only?


then what does he mean by “color”


LOL. This is bad. I need to read better. Way too damn stoked for missing important information. Hahaha


I think u can have dif colors.