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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Figured it wasn’t really pertinent to the “Instruction Manual” aspect of that document, and as such, many people referring to that document are there for troubleshooting the product they already have.

I’ll change the text color to blue though so its more clear that its a hyperlink


thats better zach d


This BOM is for V0.1! There is no BOM for V0.2/3 at the moment. The new versions is still in development.

Receiver and extension board is working fine. Just have to test the remote.


Very odd usage of names going on here, but alas
Im glad its Arek approved


Funny because I approve/modify/upgrade procedures at work as well haha

StefanMe I’ll just order the feather module just in case they send it from another country(which could take some time).


I have been considering doing this, it seems like the best option.
I have been working in KiCad and it alows eagle import. adafruit release all of their design files in eagle format so getting the entire feather design onto your own board is quite an easy task.

also is there any reason that your using the SAMD21 not the 32u4? just wondering if there is a reason other than processor speed?


I also use Eagle, must choice for opensource hobby type projects!


I have already done this… but didn’t tested it yet. Too much other things to do… I have the PCBs already here.


nice, this looks sweet


For now I just stick on the feather and want to make this a stable product. Then I go for the next step. But my plans already changed about the chip… I want to use the ESP32. Two cores are just awesome. One just for telemetry and the other for all the display handling ect. AND SUPER CHEAP.


I also had the idea of using ESP32 so you use one core for display handling and second one for everything else.
Also It’s dirt cheap


yeah, im surprised that no ones has worked out a BT module that would alow direct connection to the metR or the unity yet.


A few did… Its not stable enough I think.

I would still go for the RF69 or the NRF24 if I use the ESP32.


And uploads real time data through bluetooth to the smartphone?
Maybe also directions from the GPS navigation to the remote xD


Or just make a solid remote…

don’t overpower it without having a sold remote. :slight_smile: step by step.


What about receiver that goes directly to the focbox unity?
They have dedicated spot/header under the cover.


What do u mean? I am not a fan to put the telemetry on top of crazy powerful mofsets and high currents…



This is all a 1 man job. I think stefan has enough to do. Piano piano and all will go well

A good/stable/cool remote is the primary goal :wink:


I’m just inspiring him for future projects :stuck_out_tongue: