Buy FOCBOX Unity

FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Is there going to be a second batch sometime? Interested in purchasing the basic remote.


I ll get some new parts in the next days for testing… then we ll see.


I wrote a new Library for Arduino to implement UNITY Support :grimacing:

I guess @sofu will confirm later that we have UNITY support in the feather remote for telemetry data.

We did a lot of big fixes the last days! I recommend everyone to do the update! Described in the manual or with my team viewer support!

I also added the TEMP page where I can check your motor and FET-temps as well :heart_eyes: maybe we add a alarm for high temperature?


Can confirm telemetry is a go from the Unity! Works great :smiley: awesome job @StefanMe


I’m still waiting for mine to arrive :frowning:


??? What does the tracking say?


I’ll pm you so the thread doesn’t get cluttered.


Any updates on release of PCB files or schematics?


Schematics are not available in the manual :slight_smile:


Then sounds like it’s the time for reverse engineering :slight_smile:


I ll release the PCB Files as soon as I have tested them enough. But u need to be able to handle with 0603 SMD parts…


Ah ok fine.
Duh, I’m profesionally soldering SMD prototype PCB xD
That’s what I wanted to do, replace with SMD, these sticking out THT components were triggering me.
And these TO220 mosfets flapping in the breeze are going to crack on the joints/pads because of the vibrations, you’ll get returns on these :frowning:

What PCB software do you use?

Why not fit all functions of the big receiver into small PCB?
You just raise that feather dev module up a bit and you can fit a lot of components there.
EDIT: No wait there’s no space for these fat connectors xD



Next step is to bring the SAMD21 Chip as standalone onto the PCB… but that’s a future project.

I want to keep the receiver modular… many people want to try out the basic version and upgrade with the extension board.


Will wait for them, but if you have spare PCBs–unpopulated ones are fine too-- can I buy them from you?


No sorry I ll not sell them. just order them by for 2 doller (10 piceces) + shipping


Oh yeah excluding the adafruit module from the BOM would decrease the price and allow you to do things better like add low pass filter after the step-up converter so RF module/IC gets better.
Also pls use type-c port…

Where’s the BOM of all the parts?
Can’t find in the manual nor first post…


Its in the Manual (newly added)
Just scroll to the bottom!


It’s empty


A voice in the distance screams: “click it”


Pls just put the bom in there.