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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Either you got big hands or your banana scale is broken.


No it’s not missing… I ll send u the code when u want to upgrade your remote. I don’t wanna throw the code out for public at the moment.


I am just curious, what are your plans for the lights? Getting crazy with laser beams? :joy:


My receiver is acting weird. Is the red light supposed to remain on? And my yellow lights doesn’t flash either. What can I do?


The red light is acting like a break light… so it depends on throttle status. U can ignore the yellow light.

What means weird?


I can’t seem to pair up with the receiver. Remote keeps telling me “Fail, board not paired”


Then please switch on the receiver, wait for 10 seconds and push the button on the receiver for 1 second… (that resets the address from the receiver to origin)

Go into Settings menu and choose PAIR NEW BOARD. Then everything should be fine. Switch off remote and receiver and switch on again.

If it doesn’t work, write me a private message and I ll help u in detail. :slight_smile:


I have problems with the advanced one.
Turn on tx then turn on board and try to pair. See if that way works for u.
So far with the basic not one problem so happy:-)


I’m planning on using 12v led strips!

Got some extras for various other places on the board as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Be careful while lighting them up on the roll… I heard some bad things about burins flats about this :rofl: How much current one LED draw? 5V?

I love to see them rolling on the HAYA! :heart_eyes:


Oh not the entire roll of course, they are cuttable strips so I will use sections in places

The strip draws 12v but I haven’t measured how much mA the cut sections draw. It’s 3 led per cuttable section so shouldn’t be that much…


The leds use 2A per strip i think


Hey @StefanMe which cap do I replace with the new one?

Just kidding I figured it out!


Still trying to get mine to work. Seems to be having connection issues. Haven’t even been able to ride yet :cry:


The middle size one! It have 100uF/50V (next to the JST connector)

U already got it :slight_smile:

@PickSix24if u want we can check tomorrow what’s going on…


Sounds good


Is any one else still wating for remotes to arrive?


Depending on the size of chips but SM5050 are 7.2w or 14.4w or 19w as common but I’ve also used 60w per meter. rolls Are normally 5m but I’ve got some 30 meter long rolls I’ve used in the past that’s been 5v 300A just because it’s small don’t think it’s low amps. If you got some more details I can try to help with the rough load it is if that helps


I am. I’m in Chicago, IL


Hey are you selling any completed by any chance ?