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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Is it still the same link? If so it would be great to get documented input/output power specs! For example I think earlier on I remember @StefanMe saying something about the power input for lights being good for 60v but on the pcb it’s labeled 36V, so is that still the case? The output’s 12V limit and amperage limits per GPIO11/12 should also be documented I think… Otherwise great writeup!


Link is still the same, ive just added two other links within the manual for specific use cases.

As for the power specs of the Advanced, If Stefan gets the specs to me i’ll be sure to include them!


Not at the moment… still to much work with the first batch. But I ll let you know if there are some plans to create a second batch.

At the moment its just rated for 10S. I don’t have a 12S battery to try out how good it works with 12S. The only problem are the capacitor close to the input terminal and the huge diode on the bottom right edge. IT SHOULD WORK, but if u want to make sure u don’t break anything, we should replace them to even bigger ones.

The capacitor should be replaced with an even bigger 100uF 63V capacitor and the Diode should be replaced with MBR360

I rate the outputs GPIO11 GPIO12 for 2A total. More Is possible but not recommenced.

We ll update the instructions from time to time to give u as much help as we can.


Hmm this build I’m doing is 12s… if you say it should work, should I try it and see? Is it only those components that are likely to get damaged if it doesn’t work? Or will other things get damaged?


Let me check what could happen… I do little bit of research. Maybe its the best to just order these parts. its just to dangouers… the capacitor is rated for 50V and the DIODE is rated for 42V. That just to close to the edge.


Are these two parts right?

100uF 63V alu-electrolytic cap:

MBR360 diode:

Can you mark where they should be replaced?


I could recommend this one…

This one has a smaller diameter. But with a little bit of pushing the 10mm from you should also be ok. its just a space problem. But normally every 63V 100uF capacitor should work, as far as u can fit it in.

The diode is just perfect. I am more conserved about the diode to be true. This is the much more important part to exchange. But I still recommend to to exchange both.

I ll write a small section in the manual about upgrading the receiver to 12S.


My remote finally showed !!! :grin::grin: Now I just gotta crack open my board to install. @StefanMe , really nice quality and feel. Thank You. Can’t wait to ride with it.


Weird favor, Could you lay out the items that came in the bag and take a photo?
Many thanks!



Thanks! And when you open the bag could you photograph that too?


Unboxing porn? :smirk::joy:

The package doesn’t look that nice that’s it worth a picture :joy:


Nope! not yet :wink:
Trying to get photos of everything included so i can include in the manual :rofl:


@StefanMe is it possible to use larger amperage diode? like 5A? I’m looking at this:


I can pose with each part as well if it helps :rofl:


Yes of course… bigger is better in this case


Does that mean I can run more powerful lights :yum:


No :stuck_out_tongue::grimacing: 24W max.


Yes, hand model like so



btw I think you might be missing a link on the update guide, there’s no link to download the source to compile and upload to the feather…