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FeatherRemote and SmartRemote (Files in post #577)



Yes of course…but I do not recommend it. The remote just shows a wrong message. The message should be “connection lost” instead of “estop activated”


No me too… It hasn’t done anything besides get picked up and leave for like 5+ days now… grrrrrrr


Sorry guys… o called them and they sailed everything is fine :persevere: he can’t tell me more. I ll call them tomorrow again. Sorry… I used a type of priority package and they told me it should arrive working 6-10 days. Strange that all packages are still here in Germany :frowning:


Well shit fuck me… lol. Not your fault. Too dam excited to get it and use it though, especially after seeing these positive reviews people are giving about the quality and shape above. Can’t wait even more now, dammit!

They couldn’t even give you anything more than that as far as when they might be leaving Germany or when we can expect them to arrive in the US at all…?


No worries, I was only concerned because I have another package shipped on the same day also by DHL that cleared customs in a few hours and is already going to be delivered to me tomorrow, but it wasn’t electronics…


Aww bummer, at least it’s on it’s way.


For those in the US , I’ve got some movement !!


Hey guys! Here is the first version of the manual for the remote…

Big thanks to @totalgeek9224 who wrote this stuff together for me! :green_heart:


Is it just the us ones been held up.

Still waiting in the uk no sign yet but I’m presuming it’s just Xmas rush.


Is there any chance of still getting one? :smile:


My US remote has been processed through New York! Shouldn’t be too long now :smiley:


Lucky you !!! Mine still hasn’t hit the US :cry:


No Sorry… not in the next 1-2 months. I wait for the feedback from the first batch and then we ll see.


I am trying to wire up my advanced reciever but dont understand the wiring.
I have 5 wires coming out the reciver.
The diagram is very unclear coupd use some help here please thanks



Are you referring to the diagram on the instructions? Could you elaborate as i believe it is a descriptive as possible in regards to the pinout of the reciever.
Furthermore, what VESC do you have? Maybe we can give some specifics for your case :slight_smile:


I have Focbox esc.
And my old reciver is connected to the ppm i believe


Is this correct as i show in my photos from top to bottom


No it appears it’s the other way around. The red and black are the 5v and ground (respectively) as such they should be on the top
Does that help?


I didn’t realise this was different between the different reciever, @StefanMe could you send me some photos of the feather advanced so I can implement this