FatBoy SS Drive 1:5 Heavy Duty Gear Drive 80/63mm motor

Hi, guys our new FatBoy 1:5 Heavy Duty Drive.


  • Thicc Gear Tooths (Same new profile of other drives)
  • 1:5 / 1:4 Gear ratio
  • Reinforced Wheel Gear with aluminum
  • 80mm/63mm motor mounting options
  • Slim design
  • Sealed for operation with oils
  • Trampa/MBS Mounting
  • Trampa/MBS/FatBoy wheel hub mounting
  • New heavy duty wheel gear plastic with higher wear resistance, lubrication, and other cool scientific features
  • Outer shell made from impact/wear/scratch resistant plastic with sound dampening properties

Some more information will be available later :wink: Early testers will be getting these for tests :slight_smile:


Finally… This is what i have been waiting for. Can you say something about the price already ??

Did you mean motor gear here by chance?

Will owners of current drives have a choice to upgrade to gain these benefits? :smile:

I don’t know yet, but something similar to other drives but a bit more expensive as it has more parts :slight_smile:

Well, motor gears are already aluminum. But not I am talking about wheel gears

It’s different gear drive so nothing much compatible with other drives.

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Also with this 9" wheel hubs will be released for ultra offroad combo for crazy people I am talking about you @banjaxxed


Be still my beaten ribs :laughing:

I’m in for a beta once the body has healed


That’s just comparison picture of gear tooth size… :smiley:


Some updates, on this “Super sick” “Super thinn” drive

Based on a theory should fit 80100 at 15 degrees without motor plate :slight_smile:

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How do the wheel attach to the drive / gear ?
Do you planning other colors?
Do whe need to cut in the hangar ? Like many other gear drives ?

Throughout 5 x M5 bolts from outside don’t need to take apart gear drive.

Color its first batch as I want red and other beta testers like red too :slight_smile:

Doesn’t require any changes :slight_smile:


Drives are complete sending to anodization :slight_smile:

This is how motor plate moves only linearly in and out of wheel gear for keeping the motor all the time at correct position :slight_smile:


Creating product in the store :slight_smile: Will be available to buy in hour :slight_smile:


Up for sale :slight_smile:


stunningly great work, as always.

We need a picture with the motors mountet on :grinning:

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Waiting for APS to provide the motors according to them 8 work days :slight_smile:

Good luck with that :rofl::rofl:

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Nah we just wait for custom shaft work :slight_smile:

So 80100 (107) fits without issues just doesn’t need to use adapter plate :wink:


How did you get 80100 sensored?