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FatBoy Nano Urethane Gear Drive 1:2.6




The only thing that maybe can be touching when fully tilted with loose kingpin (with full weight on the side with fingers pressing on the deck side) is gear drive to the deck on Evo with ±15º

When originally its 2cm away from deck


This is with nut on the end because in the first ones it had it tighten even if it turns the same :slight_smile:


I like the phase wire connector :slight_smile:


Some progress on Nano orders :slight_smile:


this sounds so good.


Some more progress on the first batch :slight_smile:


After hearing that post office will deliver packages after new year if shipped right now we will be delaying shipping to after new so that packages wouldn’t be lost in the christmas madness and etc.

For people who want to get them before new year there is option to upgrade to UPS express (+20€) and it should be shipped next week and would be received in around 36h-48h work hours.

Ping me who wants to upgrade.


@Kug3lis are you still potentially making any adaptors to run Moe Stooge wheels?


no plans at the moment :wink: Next year maybe


What is the maximum shaft length that will fit in the drive enclosure?


Well I am only working with 7 inches or so, but it fits in my wife’s enclosure just fine.


Does that help?


what grease do you recommend for this drivetrain? I saw something about Molykote G-67 Grease.
Tried to find this online but didn’t find a good result in the EU.

However I did find a alternative for noise-damping high pressure gear lubrication Molykote G1047



So excited!


That’s so clean and, narrow! :grinning:




Hi sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: You can find something with similar recipe of ingredients and it should work :slight_smile: The most important thing is stickiness that grease would stick to gears.