FatBoy Mini Urethane Gear Drive 1:(2.8, 2.6, 2.4)



Hehe ye I hope so :smiley: 12s6p 30Q made by @Acido


Nice! Eager to see the build log. Still putting together my pneumatic tb218 drives too :smile:


any update on when this drive train will be availble for sale?


I REALLY want to hear your quad drive! (and please start a build thread)

EDIT: my wallet is scared lol


same here, that must sound amazing when taking off from a stop. definitely sound like a tie fighter from what I imagine :laughing:


Hehe will sure do :slight_smile: I will start next weekend to build it


So another batch came up for group buys :slight_smile: 230 & 240 :slight_smile:


When is the GB happening? :grin:


Any chance you bundle the hangers with the pneumie drive train?


oooooooo Count this guy guy in :slight_smile:


Any updates on the FB 230/FB240 hangars? :smile:


I need 2 sets of the 240 please :slight_smile:


Considering picking up a 4wd version of this. I’m apprehensive as I like to swap between Abec and kegel cores


Well apart upcoming TB110 wheels where is only 100mm Boa which will loose 3.5mm clearance if it doesn’t matter :slight_smile: But to add kegel wheel hub adapter is no issue we already have one from pulleys :slight_smile:

P.S. Everything is happening in group thread now :slight_smile: