FatBoy Mini Drive Train 1:3

touche :D, lets keep Jensos drive name as it is, but avoid naming new ones incorrectly.

Some more updates :slight_smile:

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Call it DirectDrive then and solve the problem

Just out of interest, is it you or your dad who do the CAD? Seems pretty well done :grinning:

I am just a middle man :smiley:

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Props to both of you

What does a 1:3 gear feel like in comparison to a 1:4 gear ratio? I would imagine that it’s much more twitchy with less torque.

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Will this be possible for any application so long as it fits the truck? What is the type of board for this. I really want to get a couple of these for a build as they look amazing

This is more for street, so torque is not much a problem, plus with 5:1 you would need really low kv motor for 125mm wheels.

This mainly for trampa hangers and superstar wheel hubs :slight_smile:

Looks like I’m going to be putting some trampa stuff on a regular deck…Maybe I’ll try it with the spud like the esk8fr guys do

Could the gears be 3d printed with nylon?

Not really

This looks so good. If you ever need a fat man with a street carver to do some abusive wear testing then let me know :wink:

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The beauty of cnc! :heart_eyes:

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We are also working on making a mounting plate for TB218 trucks and specialy part of Solid Core hub with direct mount for gear which saves another plate for mounting gear to hub.


This is soo nice!! Id love to get my hands on these😎