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Extra long skateboard truck hardware?


Wanted to get some 1/4’ risers and my hardware bolts arent long enough because i have a 9ply wood board that’s really thick. Any one know were I can buy some long bolts?


this seller has 1" - 2"


any skate shop should have them.


The best place I’ve found…and hard to find…Ace Hardware…they have a big nut and bolt selection…better than Home Depot or lowes … They had really hard to find stuff on hand and great selection of the normal stuff


Thanks all, just looking for a cheap eStore


Cheapest I found is probably from Tactics for $3.50. http://www.tactics.com/sector-9/bolt-pack-skateboard-hardware/black


McMaster.com. Not skate specific but you can get any bolt in existence.



Wow cool store thanks


i agree with @Michaelinvegas

Ace is the Only place for all hardware. if they dont have it, good chance it dont exist lol. (in terms of hardware)