Evolve Gtx top speed 70km

You don’t want to go 70kph. 50kph is plenty honestly.

I broke my ribs, shoulder socket and collarbone going 30kph when the board slipped away from under me and my gear was a half shell. Imagine what you could break going 70kph and falling without serious gear on.


Ouch ! Hope that healed OK.

I’ve had a couple of bails, but nothing too serious. Need to remember I’m not 20 anymore and don’t bounce as well as i used to !

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Protections are not subsidiary gears… I use to wear an impact vest when I am kitesurfing 15+ ft waves and reduce this limit to 6 ft when the reef is less deep than 3 ft… I have also to review my protection plan and my trainings

C’est rare de voir quelqu’un sortir “putain” ici!

At 70kph, the only thing you’d want to wear is a full leather motorbike suit with D3O pads.

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They also ride much different than esk8ers. Part of the narrow trucks is for control/leverage when sliding. We don’t have much need for sliding since we have brakes and Throttle control. Narrow trucks are also more forgiving if you over correct speed wobbles .

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Yeah… i wouldn’t go 40mph on those trucks personally.

If you really wanna go 70km, you’re basically looking at a full makeover on that board. Nothing on pre built boards is intended for those speeds. Well maybe the bearings lol. Maybe

Short answer is put it in a car.


Cheers for all the replies👍


Wow you’re not even going to argue…


43 mph (Crazy!)… use the calculator. Change wheel/motor pulley ratio and change wheels. The closer the pulley ratio the better for top speed. Rise up the motor pulley teeth count, lower down the wheel pulley teeth count (example: 20T/33T). Still, what you desire is insane. Follow the previous forum members advice: Don’t! :confused:

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If i change to 23t drive gear and 100mm all terrain wheels am i able to change on R2 controller as i cant find settings?

Any tips appreciated ,cheers

Fastest and cheapest way to hit that speed is to find a sufficiently tall building, ride board off roof of said building, and hope whoever packed your parachute knew what they were doing. Oh and don’t forget the parachute. Probably safer than trying to take those DKP trucks up to that speed.

A evolve bearly even has enough torque to hit top speed on stock settings… hehe

20/32 will have no torque at all, like others said, ride your board off off a rooftop with a parachute or stand on your board on a truck bed and tell the driver to hit 70mph