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Evolve Gen 3 - 63mm motor mounts by UNiK


does it work ?


it does but i’m not sure yet if i’ll get them sorry, just crazy cost wise being in aus


Price for a pair or a single mount?


Actually I can now answer my own question.
Prices are per each item.
I saw the kits a while ago but they are no longer available.


Hey folks, I received a limited black anodized batch in quality, ready to ship !


@okp how much for a set?


you need two of theses mate


How soon could a set make its way to California? I’d put them on stupid racebuild for my buddy.

I’ve got other solutions, … but the symmetry!


In the next minutes. I can ship them straight on. The stock is limited and I’m starting to package the existing orders !


arghh, looks like I missed the window…any more in stock, looking for two but got this message when tried to purchase?

  • You cannot add that amount of “[:fr]Core Series - Support moteur compatible avec les trucks Evolve supercarve[:en]Core series - Motor mount compatible with Evolve skateboards supercarve trucks[:]” to the cart because there is not enough stock (0 remaining).
  • You cannot add that amount of “Core series - Motor mount compatible with Evolve skateboards supercarve trucks” to the cart because there is not enough stock (0 remaining).


I got few left for sure. Let me know if it’s been fixed; the provided link was wrong.

Every order will be shipped Monday morning first hour ! it’s raining in Paris tomorrow.


OK great, will try again. Also, I will be in Barcelona in February for work and wanted to bring my eSk8 but source a battery locally or in EU. Are you able to ship your batteries within Europe to Barcelona? Can move this to direct message if better.


yeah I could do that. I can weld batteries, but that’s too much time consuming. I use another French company to support local small battery building. Every battery is built on demand by these guys. The provide insurance and professional welding. So it mainly depends on what you need.

if I can help anyway, I will do it and weld one personally for ya.


Great, let me spec it out and circle back via direct message to not derail this thread!


time to sleep for me, I’ll read you when I woke up tomorrow morning. take care !


These motor mounts are flawless


thanks mate !!!



hah world first ! good job man. be careful with the Evolve hanger quality.


Sorry for the delay on getting back on this. Will dm you if not too late thanks!