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Evolve Carbon GT battery upgrade


G’Day all, since doing a Bamboo GT battery upgrade I have been busy building batteries for other esk8er’s as well as looking into designs for range extenders and numerous other projects. I was also asked to fit upgraded batteries to a couple of Carbon GT boards which I was keen to do. First thing I did was watch Kevin Dark’s YouTube video on the upgrade. Then when I opened up the first board found a different type of BMS. This is an older style and wider than the now used version.

The top board has the wider BMS, the bottom one has the slimline one

I checked out a few threads and posts and realised the only way this 10S5P was going to fit was with a spacer. I checked out Zero form Designs here in Perth as Charlie (Guy whose board it is) said they do one. After a quick look jumped on the PC and knocked one up on FreeCAD and uploaded to my printer.

30 mins later…

As Charlie said when I sent him the pic "Farout !! Yeah that’s Sweet azz "
The rest of the fit out was easy as this created stacks of room for the BMS and plugs.

Insulated the esc and BMS with Kapton high temp insulation tape and the foam padding that comes with the BMS. Just needs tidying up, BMS and wires securing and all done. The heat sink needs longer screws because of the spacer which are easily sourced.

Feed back from Charlie is he’s a very very happy man! Way more range and powered up those hills without any lag. I’d like to take all the credit but really it should go to Samsung for that wonderful little gem the 30Q.
The second build was in my opinion harder as things are a tight fit getting that smaller BMS in without using a spacer. Soldered on the new battery and gently squeezed it in. I trimmed the shrink wrap on the battery as every tenth of a mm was needed. made sure all was well insulated and taped down.