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Evolve Bamboo GT BMS help (is BMS fried?)


I only have the evolve charger do I need to buy extra tools to charge manually and monitor or do I just bypass BMS and monitor voltage every once in a while with voltmeter?


Yes just charge B0 and B10 and monitor the whole time. Storage charge on li-ion is about 3.6V to 3.7V – 3.45V is basically dead. It’s not super-important though. Just don’t let it get lower.


Thanks for all the help and suggestions. I charged the battery, bypassing the bms, to 3.63. I hoped this might fix the issues but unfortunately when connecting the plug to the VESC or when connecting the balance cable plug, the BMS still gets way too hot. I dont think it’s a balance cable issue because the pic below shows in green that the balance resistors are fine but the red-marked area is burned. Anyone know why this might be?



It’s a capacitor, but do you have a higher-resolution photo?


I’ll take one as soon as I get home from work.


New foto’s incoming.


That capacitor’s insides have blown out. Remove it and replace it with another 100V electrolytic capacitor, 4.7μF