[EU/US] Aluminum flywheel/kegel pulley with integrated bearing for Caliber E-truck or TorqueBoard trucks + Normal kegel pulleys


Yes, I have to close the pre-sale, it’s full price now :smiley:

And yes I ordered enough :slight_smile:


How many mm extra space would you need to use this pulley?
How many mm does the bearing pulley design “take”.
Thanks! :slight_smile:


It’s designed to work for trucks with 47mm bare axel like the Caliber-E truck or the torqueboardtruck, I think a normal truck has about 35mm axle length so the bearing pulley “takes” about 12mm :slight_smile:

kind regards


The pulleys are ready, I hoped to have them on monday but the factory was not able to get them picked up yesterday so they will arrive on wednesday, sorry for the delays…