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[EU] Flywheels | Calibers | marcmt88 mounts | 5045 | belts | ALU pulleys | belts


Hi all,

I have updated the main post with the remaining items, I sold some of them but there are still few available.

Available items as follows:

  • 2x Caliber II trucks, never used, slightly scratched when testing the mounts [ 1x20€ | 2x35€ ] [ @LouisVW ]

  • 10x HDT5M 330mm 12mm belts [ 1x7€ | 2x12€ | 3x15€ | 10x40€ ]

  • Dual FocBox ALU case from Kug3lis, short fins & black version [ 35€ ]

  • 3x 12mm motor pulleys [ 1x4€ | 2x7€ | 3x10€ ]

  • ABEC11 Flywheels 90mm, lime green, never used [ 80€ ]

I still have to do some pics of the Caliber trucks, as @LouisVW asked, sorry about the delay… too much work in these 2 last weeks of the year.


Dual FocBox fully enclosed CNC machined case

I’d take the calibers of your back, but im guessing shipping to the Netherlands is going to be shit.


Interested in calibers. Do you have any pics?


Depending on shipping price. I’m interested in the dual alu focbox case.
Let me know. I’m in Denmark


@wapkoen shipping is usually around 10-15€.I propose to split cost so it will be 35+5€=40€.

Let me know if that is ok to send you my details.

Btw, i will post pics of everything tomorrow.

@banjaxxed your box is ready to ship, will do this weekend, sorry about the delay :frowning:


That works for me. I’ll take it :grin:


Hi all,

Just uploaded some more pics of the remaining items (flywheels, focbox holder, belts, motor pulleys).

@wapkoen there is also a couple of pics of the ALU case, so you can check it.

By the way, I removed the Calibers as I would need them in my next build, sorry about that.



Is the mount available or not? Its still in the title so im confused. If it is ill take it


2x 330mm belts with shipping to sweden? How much :slight_smile:


15€? :slight_smile: