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[EU] 2019 Esk8 Events - Gauging Interest


Or loaners…

I didn’t realize how many board @psychotiller actually had till I stopped at his house for a tour and lunch… Dave practically has his own esk8 rent shop waiting to happen hahah


Hi guys,

I would be glad to help with this in Spain.

Laws are also changing there as we speak, cities are adopting new legislation to include all sort of Urban commuting vehicles (esk8, electric scooters, monowheels, Onewheels) in the traffic rules. Now, the central traffic authority in Spain (DGT) has been requested from the government to rule this on a national level. the project is in progress.

@Andy87 , when you say event you think about group rides or specific racing events (sports) like the one https://www.esk8b-dtm.de/ referred by @visnu777 or both type?

I think that ideally, we should define the format, the options, the details and build a model that we can repeat in different European cities with the support of local team members but where the core team would also travel to each event.

I can be that local team member in Spain, one of the advantage we can have in the south of Spain (Andalucia) is the weather, it’s possible to Esk8 all year.

The average temperature is around 11°/12° C during the winter and 30° C during the summer, which makes it possible to enjoy Andalucia all year round.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hi @camarondelax !
That´s great to hear that there is some more interest as it was shown till now on this thread.
I wasn´t referring to any specific kind of event.
Just gave some idea.
Group rides are a one day thing and better to organized local.
My thoughts where more about a long weekend event.
A meet up with different activites.
This can include an offroad ride, a street group ride with dinner somewhere, an race event, some kind of games, maybe even a workshop or visit a local ventor at his place.


Hi @Andy87,

I’m all in dude, i think it’s a challenge and I don’t have experience or haven’t been able to attend any of these events but I’m excited.

Where should we start?
Define the duration, the content?
build the core team? Join efforts with reference such as @okp ?

By the way, where are you from?

I look forward to collaborate on this!


I really like the idea, I would sit in a car and drive a few thousand kilometers for something like this, and probably there would be some of you guys that I could pick up on the way for the final destination.

I could help with 2D/3D animation, bringing some projectors with me so we could do 3D mapping on the event. Basically anything related to video.

Let’s make this happen.


that´s the spirit we need :wink:


Russia. Don´t worry I don´t want you all to come here :joy:

That´s a good question and as I don´t know the answer by my own I started this thread in hope we get some creative people together.
Unfortunatelly the respond on this thread is quite low.
So we even can´t find a direction to where to set the location.
I think we first need to get some more people involved before we can start to plan something.


Great @Eretron !

Where are you from?

I’d like to start visualise where we are all based and see how we can efficiently collaborate and potentially meet at later stage.


Had a small conversation with Daniel from @LazyRolling
As far as I understood they very interested to get something together with us.
There first idea was to set the location to Paris.
What you guys think about it?


I am from Serbia.

How do we stand with the laws in France :joy:


If the esk8 community there is big, then it’s a good place.


-France or Switzerland
-May/June or July
-Whatever is needed :slight_smile:


Great Idea @Andy87! As far as I know 5here are also a lot of Esk8 riders between Belgium and Netherland. I am in a whatsapp group and I can see the Google maps with their locations. In Belgium is legal BTW if you want to take it into account :wink:


Some of your WhatsApp guys/girls here on the forum too? If yes, maybe you want to tag them here so that they have a look and can give some idea?


@pjotr47 for input


Yeh I do not all of them but as @Gerrycorrado wrote, @pjotr47 can ask to all of them.


@rey8801 thnx for the input…

Yes Andy, I am one of the people from that whatsapp group. We are working with some people for a BE/NL community.
What do you want to know? :slight_smile:

Btw: Belgium is legal. Max 18km/h maybe next summer 25km/h.
I will fix a groupride in the summer. I know some people from the Belgian television. I will try to fix a film crew.


Hey @pjotr47 !
I don’t want to know anything specific for the moment, just some more people getting on this thread here to discuss about events we can plan for next year in the EU.
At the moment there are a lot of small groups in different cities and countries and I hope we can get all (or as min close to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) together for one big evening.


That looks very nice for me. We where thinking af joining the Paris groupride with some people.
It would be awesome to have +50 people. We have done 30 in Belgium with some be & nl crew


Cool! Of it is feasible I am in! Ah didn’t know that it is still 18kmh. I thought was already up to 25kmh here in BE. Good to know.