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eSkate Lights thread


My single headlight uses a similar lens, but the spread seems worse in the vertical direction. Were did you get those lenses, and what LEDs do you have behind them?


here are the LEDs
here are the lenses
Those LEDs are suprisingly bright when only drawing 150mA


Maybe that’s my problem lol, I’m pushing 2.8 amps. About 700 lumens OTF.


Haha damn! Ya, that would probably ,make the vertical bleed a little worse. What LEDs are you using?


If you cut the fins off, I’d reduce the amount of rated power by twenty times. The fins have a purpose


I know they’re for cooling :yum:
They’re for an aluminum emtb, it’s all heatsink :wink:


I’m using a Cree XHP35. It has four dies in series on one chip, each one being run at 700mA, so instead of 3v at 2.8a, I can run it on 12v and 700mA for the same power.

I’m a LED enthusiast, I have a bit of a thing for powerful flashlights :blush:

(Might be an XHP50, I can’t remember.)


Oh shit! I might have to upgrade my LEDs lol Then I could have a high and low beam setting :heart_eyes:


I wrote a little more about my light setup with hi/low beams and working brake lights in my build thread Here if you want to take a look.


Anyone got any advice on how to affix a light to a board that’s quite big aside from drilling? ( I need the light to come off to charge it). Are there any velcro / belt wrap recommendations? It’s quite a big light so I need it to stick and not fall off. I’ve seen some people have an elasticated band that wraps over the board. How do they fair?



Hey guys, my first post here… In case you want to save even more money, here are those bike lights from Aliexpress - I am not affiliated

Btw I hope it will fit to my Backfire Board which I am getting in January 2018


I have question about running these. Use step down converter in series on 12s or step up converter from vesc 5v? It’s a lot on the converter for step down and it already blew the voltmeter on it even though it’s useless and the product still works it makes me want to switch to step up from vesc


Stick with stepping down from the batteries, but make sure your converter can handle the wattage of your lights (i.e. 12v @ 1A = 12W). When you step the voltage up, the current at the input of the converter increases to produce the same wattage (12W = 5v @ 2.4A). The vesc 5v can only supply about 1A so the setup in my example would damage it. When you step the voltage down though, the input current to the converter decreases since the voltage is increased (12W = 24v @ 0.5A). With batteries its usually preferred to step down rather than up.


Is there a way for me to read watt on volt meter, an actual one with different settings?


Not directly. But, you can measure the current through the lights when they are powered with the correct voltage, then multiply those two numbers together to get the wattage.


It really depends on how much current the lights draw. If they’re just some 10mm LEDs or something, then you might be able to get away with powering them from the vesc, but if they draw more power, then the only options you have are either power it from the main battery, or add a little extra battery just to run the lights.

Those look like commercial lights, so they should have a rating on them, e.g. 12v 300ma or 12v 5w. If not, you can use a multimeter to check the voltage and current.


How do I check that on the multimeter again?


turn the multimeter on, switch it to DC20v and put the pins on the pos and neg


I mean how do I measure watt and or amps with multimeter?