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eSkate Lights thread


I have one of those, so if you have any questions let me know.
FYI the laser guides won’t be long if you only have it up at skateboard height. (I’m using it for my bike)
I can take a picture when I’m back home next week if you’d like.


I bought a cheapo high power dual LED light of ebay and mounted it to the top of the board. It’s plenty bring and you can see about 4-5 meters. I tilted it slightly down but in retrospect I should have left it straight.


This is my currant carbon fiber mtb integrated leds underside and el wire on top

this was taken in the day was sunny


Though this might be useful for some of the UK guys here, looks like this torch could be quite a good headlight and with a single lithium cell i would hope shouldn’t suffer form the batteries rattling loose.



From experience @lowGuido I can tell you the flicker (for me) was caused by the battery shaking around. The spring on the inside is not very strong relative to the weight of the battery. So…
Stronger spring?
or Just stretch the spring out a bit more so it applies more pressure :grin:


Anybody have recommendations? Looking to buy both front and rear lights to add up to $20.



My old board snapped while jumping off a wall forgot I had a pic integrated led and inlay el wire again

Long throw headlights, what has worked best for you? Shredlights (etc), Bike Lights, Flashlights, custom?

Just wanted to share my lights set up.

If I had money to spare I would have gone with Shred Lights for sure - its just simple and works!

DIY method I have decide to use cheap Ebay LED torches P Clip clamped to the truck kinda like Shred Lights.

Lights - £2.14 each plus shipping

Rubberised P Clips - approx £2 for pack of 2-3 as two different sizes are needed.

25 mm to mount at front ( thicker) part of the torch

14-15 mm for the slimmest part of the torch

Here are pictures of torches just with 1 P Clip. Second one will be mounted soon ( waiting for delivery). This will ensure that they don’t come off or rattle while riding.

Since I have angle risers I had to get 50mm M5 bolts.

I also have ordered rear red torches - same brand and model :slight_smile:

Total Cost - £4 per light x 4. Shred Lights - £75 for set of 4 …


thanks for the links. I have just order the same
do you have the reference for a red one ?


Just for what its worth those P clips will break off from the vibration of skating.


I use these car headline, using 4 18650s, 14$ for 2 of these lights


@sayreul here is link to red one.

Unfortunately as the torch has screw on bottom ( for battery AA replacement) it unscrews itself off while riding and also on off butting is there making it either switch off the flights or change it to flashing mode by itself . All due to vibrations.

I haven’t had tome to look into fixing it somehow so I took lights off for now.

Also the P clips due to vibrations rattle against truck base and are horribly loud ;(

Might need to put a bit of rubber between them.

Perhaps I will tape on the screw on part of torch so it doesn’t come off. Not sure if it will work at all. Fuc**g vibrations!!! ;(


I have a headlamp I’m thinking of mounting to the board. It’s really bright and durable. My kids actually brought it in the tub with then and it still works. I barely use it so I figure it would be good for the board. I also made an altoids light that I want to find a place for.


Simple led from eBay


Energizer headlamp was super easy to put on lol. I just wrapped it around the trucks like a hair scrunchy.


That’s a cute doggy. Does the headlight remain steady ? tissue looks close to the wheels. Careful not to wheelbite.

Edit : Oh, Altoids case ! You do DIY headphone amps ?


I haven’t actually got it working yet with it on. My remote decided to stop working. I can push it over some but the wheels spin fine


@Silverline Do you have close ups of how you have attached lights to the trucks? Do they not wiggle around from vibrations?


Blue channel Headlights/tailights

After grip

Front leds


Jetson mobile? Magic school bus? Who knows