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eSkate Lights thread


wow fake air force 1’s with lights… finally clones students have become the masters…:joy:
now once they get down the auto laces, and we get around gravity we can finally have hoverboards too!


You know, at first it was a joke. But people see me from and that’s the whole point for me, the places I ride are lit up enough, but its still scary that nobody sees me. Now, I actually ride with these in the evening and night time and it works great! People always tell me they see me forever away. soooooo Maybe it’s a legitimate option for visibility .


Those shoes are starting to grow on me. Might have to pick up a pair just to have. They look pretty good in white, and surprisingly not half bad in gold too. Lol


yea this is why I have multiple sets of lights on board.
with under glow on rainbow fading effect everyone sees you and thinks wtf is that? :joy:


Finished assembling my headlights today, they’re definitely on the higher end of brightness for what I was going for.


Don’t use the p clamps I suggested. Although strong lasted about 150 miles…here’s the solution


how big are those leds? I think they can fit some asymmetric lens on them they make a huge difference in getting the light out in font of you instead of 2feet in front of the board and in on coming drivers eyes…


I’m looking into lens’ right now, they’re Cree XP-G3’s. I actually need to dim them a bit as well I think, I jury rigged a little test fixture to hold when I rode around one night with the output at max and they were crazy bright.


Can anybody here explain the wiring to me?
I have a Steez (old enertion) remote and I want to use this voltage regulator and this remote on/off switch, so I can use one of the 2 front buttons of the remote to turn on the LED’s.
Problem is I don’t know how to wire the switch to the receiver.



@SkateSwordsman here’s the thread you’re looking for…


So, I made a version 1 of my LED light control box.

It is a simple +/- input from 12v to 55v. Just splice power from the battery and clip in the wires into the terminals.

There are three outputs. One for steady on, for headlights. And the other two are for special lighting effects. You can use any led light that requires 12v. It can handle a total of 3amps.

The steady on and lighting effect terminals are on separate switches, so you can turn them on/off individually. You can also turn off the special effects through its remote, which also controls the different lighting effects.


nice, what controller for the RGB lights did you use?


Nice concept. I’m working on an oddly similar light kit but with dimmable headlights!

Good use of speaker terminals.


and I’m working on some mounting solutions :slight_smile:


That mounting solution looks great, let us know how it works and if you decide to post .stl file!


That was the first print, and it works quite well! I need to change some sizing for my board it goes past the edge of the board (which I don’t really want) but I think revision 2 will work quite well and I’ll post the stl files then. I’ve also got a rear module in the works that has motor wire management and no headlight fixture.




I made raiser pad with integrated lights for my boosted like board. Came out decent I think. There’s a slider switch on the back of riser pad.

Lights I bought are from this link, housing is turned down on a lathe do be as thick as raiser pad.


Just saw that Gearbest has the Meilan X5 on sale for 20 bucks. Haven’t tried it but have seen it mentioned a few times.