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eSkate Lights thread


They also have rgb addressable lights :wink:


I’ve been keeping an eye out for bike lights that would work well for use on a skateboard. I ran up on this :slight_smile:


Oh. My. God.

I’ve used the dual led set from this company and it’s bright as balls.

This is just overkill


Yeah, I though it was pretty ridiculous :slight_smile:


nice find… definately an overkill… unless you want to make an impression, there’s a 8 wheeler driving on the road :smiley:


It is best to use a ••
NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost Front Bike Light on your helmet or hold it in your hand.
I have found if you have lights on your board, they will get loose and people can’t see it as well as if the lights are on you.


'[quote=“RebellionBoards, post:5, topic:15829”]
NiteRider Lumina 950 Boost Front Bike Light

That’s a little more than I want to spend.


They sell a 450 light for $50 as well. Very bright


I am currently looking at this setup…

I would modify the mount to use a magnetic clamp or GoPro mount. Supply power via USB from something like this…

Which would be connected inline to the battery pack, after the power switch. Look doable?


I use this Lezyne helmet light. I feel safer with a red rear light as well as a headlight. The height makes me more visible to traffic and the fact that the beam naturally turns with my head means that the ground is lit up right where I want to see.



I second the shread lights suggestion… they are a cool company that unfortunately didn’t get the funding they wanted from kickstarter, but still came to market relatively quickly.


I’m asking what it would take for a discount for a group buy


I’m definitely game for a group buy and know some local guys that would be aswell.


Ok here the deal

15 plus sets = $20 per plus shipping

That’s 50% off so if I do this group buy …hope you pony up and buy two … they do offer rear red lights…

Let me know…

(I kinda been talking to them the past year or so they are quick to hit me back all the time)


I’m in for a front and rear set


I’m down for this. I would want headlights and brake lights.


Damn! That’s a great price. I might be in for a couple of sets just for ease of use. All the lights I run are actually brighter than the shredlights, but for that price and the fact that they are purpose built how could I go wrong. :beers:


I’ll start a new thread guys


@RunPlayBack @torqueboards Remember these cool lights we found on ebay for $20 a set? Evolve now sells them for $70. I guess their mounting clips are worth $25 a piece…