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eSk8Tube Video thread



What do you guys use with your cameras.


an esk8 usually… :rofl:
what you mean exactly?


Our boards?


What do you use with your face?


Like a selfie stick or a gimbal or a selfie stick mounted to the board.


if you scroll up you already find a lot of information about this.

and if i remember right there was a big discussion not so long time ago about all this.

And here more to read


oh and look what i found…



Me putting boosted to shame.



Yeah I had made the thread and some people had some helpful input. I had looked at the osmo pocket. I’m not sure it can attach to a stick to get a wider shot.


Shots fired!


I have the Osmo and it can be attached to what ever you want.
Just get the adapter for GoPro equipment.


no motor sorry


calm :v: and that with class :wink:


Shout out to Miami!

one of Rons best videos yet and the year is just starting. Come ride with us!


BAEsk8 x NYC Eboarding west coast meet up!


Killer edit :ok_hand:


Epiiiic shiiiit !!! !! :dizzy_face:
You are a serious badass crew :star_struck:

I am boosted after watching this !
Love the 3’ scene, easy removal ^^

And thanks also @Battosaii for sharing the last vid, insane edit again…

For these types of videos guys, you use small action cam only right? everything else is post prod magic ?

Now, I’m just too embarrassed to share a video after that.
my pictures are so rotten with my old cam and it broke lens.
Do not look at it just after the other two just above :smile:



Not my edit, Ron rides with us all the time and makes videos I just spread the love cause it’s about our group lol

Your videos are good though don’t be modest!