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Esk8Squad Renegade Vegas Weekend OCT 19~21 2018 - 10 Races - 2 adventures - 1 raffle - 1 contest


@onloop you should of just came out. Vegas is better experienced live not through Facebook live hahah

Missed you brother wish you were here… was good signing with today hahah


@Michaelinvegas congratulations on an amazing event bro, you and everyone in the esk8 community should be proud. I’ll be there in person next year for sure.


@onloop Thanks brother. Had a lot help from all my friends.

Thanks for sending the team to support. Appreciate it


I have a few prizes to ship out

@davidbonde you won a Zhiyun Smooth4 please send me your address. I will ship it to you.

@mccloed you won some Shredlights


Please tag yourselves and friends. If we aren’t friends on FB, please send me a friend request



Not esk8.

Lunch at Lotus of Siam with @Mikenopolis and fam!

for you @mikenyc!


Nice! Did you need my address?


did u guys get the crispy rice?!


no. we can order it next year when you come out.





No need, he can just ship it to me and you can pick it up the next time you swing through nyc!


Hey! I never win anything. And your gonna take that away from me?

Where were you? :thinking:


Great photos @Alphamail !


@Alphamail would it be possible to share on


Pm me brotha


@akhlut while ur fine dining with @Mikenopolis aka sweet cheeks

Me and @JohnnyMeduse are noshing on some chips and salsa

Better be bringing over some leftovers!


Sure @Michaelinvegas it is public and can be shared


OK, you are persuasive. My China trip was extended an extra week and came back too soon to go direct Vegas and too late to jump back on a plane without a family revolt lol. Really bummed, had been waiting for this forever, now have to wait another year. I will see Michael at CES and try to recreate the routes at least haha, but not the spirits of eSk8 shenanigans past. Maybe @Kaly and I can convince Michael to so a Spring version in NYC to complement Fall Vegas!

Had to settle for consolation prize of Broadway Bomb this weekend in NYC, barely able to find parts to pull back together Evo 4wd sixshooters build from Evovle World cup trip. Also finally got that reconfigured and actually working lol.

Kudos to you guys, jealous here!



Cool get me an extra badger