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Esk8Squad Renegade Vegas Weekend OCT 19~21 2018 - 10 Races - 2 adventures - 1 raffle - 1 contest


It all starts by meeting 6pm-7pm Friday Night we Rally at Atomic Liquors on East Fremont

Poker Run sheets will be distributed at that time.

There is plenty of street or parking lot parking if you want to drive to the location. I will have a generator for you to charge up if you need to - plus drinks and snacks - so travel light.

This a poker run. Not a race. You will be stopping at various points to draw cards.

If you have not squared up with me, pleas do it by then.

A few sweet prizes for the winner.

The treasure hunt follows after the Poker Run


This Friday

Very important my cell if you don’t have it 702-505-0371

Again we rally at Atomic Liquors at 6pm and we get everyone their swagg and poker cards…as well as the information for the following race day!

Friday will be a simple evening. There are prizes to be WON on the first night! And will have the evening to play with your toys.



Rain on Sunday…


Sunday probably won’t rain…they never get it right…it was supposed to rain twice last week…nothing


Just a heads up…

On Sunday…location may change due to an opportunity…:smiling_imp::smiling_imp: not because of weather

We will keep you posted


Saturday 11am Location:

Sunrise Trailhead


Hey Guys,

This Special Lacroix with blue Wheel is going to be for sale at the end of the weekend…



Please bring sunscreen


Anyone got some 280 12mm belts?


ill look. might.


So I’m in. Ankle is feeling much better and I have my hummie 4wd board up and running again. Can’t wait.

P.S. I filled out the google form, where do I send the money to?


I have some I’ll bring but I won’t be there till Saturday


Psychotiller got the belt situation handled.

Once again, If you haven’t done so, download the Telegram app, set up an account, then search for the “RenegadeLasVegas” group chat in the app or click this link if you already have the app


I shipped my toolkit and soldering iron just in case.


also bringing some hardware.


We’re waiting for you :beer:




Anyone bringing a battery trailer?