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Esk8Squad Renegade Vegas Weekend OCT 19~21 2018 - 10 Races - 2 adventures - 1 raffle - 1 contest


Just a word on Safety…

Helmets are 100% required

Friday night Poker Run and Treasure hunt…have lights on your board if you can…Flashlight lights will help as well … any body lights works too

Been seen. Obey traffic rules when in the public eye. If the streets are open, the street is all yours.


Is it still a costume thing friday?


I will leave it up to you guys … tis an evening of fun


Has any actual schedule with time and location been made up officially? or is that still in the works?


Will be giving you guys that soon…

Just be in vegas on Friday and it will all fall into place

But will give you specifics for sure


@Michaelinvegas I just started a new Telegram group so we can communicate and share live location for Renegrade weekend instead of doing it through forum. Good idea?

Everyone who IS going, please download the TELEGRAM App first

THEN AFTER you setup an account and login come back and click this link

EDIT: Go into the Telegram app and SEARCH for “RenegadeLasVegas”


Hahah from Simon lol


I guess i have to re upload the app again hahah


@Mikenopolis make a post on it I don’t know if Im on it or doing right


I don’t see you on the group.

Once you have the app running, click the link I provided from your PHONE and it should open the app and join

EDIT: Go into the Telegram app and SEARCH for “RenegadeLasVegas”


I can’t access the chat??


When I follow the link it takes me to an empty conversatuonslist and says “you have no conversations yet”.


OK, I just changed a few settings and made the group public. No idea why the link stopped working, a few people joined earlier

Go into the Telegram app and SEARCH for “RenegadeLasVegas” to join let me know if that works


@Michaelinvegas @JohnnyMeduse @davidbonde


Odd still not working


Found and added you!



Reminds me if these in NYC Subway currently lol !


And so it begins



Should be 80 during the day and 60 at night

Please dress accordingly. The evening are cooler feeling that the temp says due to lack of humidity. So definitely be prepared for being chilly once the sun goes down.