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Esk8Squad Renegade Vegas Weekend OCT 19~21 2018 - 10 Races - 2 adventures - 1 raffle - 1 contest




Yeah ill have an email this week with all the ugly details


All of these are going home with some of you guys


If you have extra boards bring them out


shipping both tomorrow.

i’ll PM you the tracking #


Super Real Backpack - with built in Bluetooth speakers
Punkbox Bluethooth
Zhiyun Smooth 4 phone gimbals
Hohem Phone gimbal with replacble 18650 battery
Conform Wireless ear buds
Insta360 one for IOS or Android
Dual deck poker sets with Aluminum cases

Currently pictured


Anyone up for Poker On Sunday night? In a real poker room…Private table…

Let me know I can set it up…

ESK8SQUAD Poker anyone???


Like, for moneys?

I have a skateboard I could use as collateral.


Hahah yeah like you buy in and get chips…

We have our own dealer…

The buy in would be small … and would be for fun…

If you don’t know how to play…this is the best way to learn


I have lost more friends than money playing poker so I gave the game up…


Hahahha…that why you play for money and not for gear hahah


We can do $50 buy in …need like 8 people minimum

And it’s just us on the table … no outsiders

2/4 with $4 max … it will be fun


“I’ll raise you one Focbox”


I see your focbox and raise with a unity


The location of the poker room if some of you guys wanna make it happen will be at the Stratosphere Poker Room


Of course…i’ll sweeten the pot if that gets you guys playing and wanna make it more fun …

But with what??? Hummm


That’s not bad, my broke ass can afford that.

I’m flying out Monday night, so a poker night sounds fun.


I am heading home sunday afternoon so I pass.


So whats the best way to ship batteries Or completes?


UPS ground