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Esk8Squad Renegade Vegas Weekend OCT 19~21 2018 - 10 Races - 2 adventures - 1 raffle - 1 contest


There is. It just takes FOREVER.
When Greyhound hits Southern California it has a lot of stops and feels like it takes forever.
I’m fine with the bus honesty. Would like to spend as little as possible on this trip, so trying to get ahold of old friends that live down there for a couch to sleep on.
And I’ve gotta get someone hired asap that can cover me for a few days.


How bout to Reno…then Vegas?


Let’s talk racing

Long race -

about 7 miles - one tunnel, two bridges
Out then back - fairly flat - gradual inclines - smooth, but some points have course sand but light - all bike path

Fastest time in their class wins


This is a preview of the first mile of your race. After the tunnel there are two more bridges. From start to finish it’s about 7 miles - no street - all bike path


that background music is awesome, i need to get a whiskey table to pull behind me and a bluetooth speaker to play this :slight_smile:


24mph B-class race. How are we going to police the 24mph Cap. Could take the course range and if you break out of a 24mph avg speed it’s a disqualification. Could also have a 3rd party be radar gunned to verify top speed. Or a combination of both.


If you get bored at the location

You have problems


As we ger closer we will take inventory of the boards…

Maybe someone brings a Yuneec ?


I can bring a Landwheel. You bring the deck and waiver :wink:



Get ready bitches



Live Stream tips for the days Saturday and Sunday?


Gents with generators…

A 6.5 hp and 3200 Watts should be good for all of us right?? Extension cord and power strips eh?


Let’s welcome Daniel of LazyRollers all the way from Sweden :sweden: He will be arriving on 10/16 so he’s gonna soak up Vegas and what ever else is left over from summer


Location Saturday & Sunday

Sunrise Trailhead
S Hollywood Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89142



In the middle of moving so…in and out for the next few days


Airfare is killing me.

Costs are 1K+ at this point.

That’s BEFORE booze.


From South Jersey? 1K?



1k+ in total. i need to sell some serious parts to make this happen. :smiley:

$315 is not bad. newark is about 2 hours with traffic, but doable.

ACY is 10 minutes away, and PHL is an hour. both are around $450 ish. but spirit…ugh.