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ESK8 WW Field Study. Statistical Analysis of Telemetry Data. METR / ACK / eSkate VESC etc



yes, exported csv files include all the data.
The google form causes a bit of confusion… The main goal is to analyze how the battery/power is used. It doesn’t really matter what config you are running. The assumption I am making is that everyone uses more than “enough” power on their boards, at least 90% percent of the builders.

To sum things up, I just need raw data, and lots of it, regardless of the board configuration.


the G.Form just completes, even more, this open-database.


This will finally give me some motivation to start tracking my eskate data using Bluetooth! I’d love to be able to help you w/ my data.


I have a bunch of logs using the Xmatic app by @twan. How to share? I have access to the files since I’m jailbroken, but also I don’t want to include location of these logs. @twan can you help me out? :grin:


I delete the location when I preprocess the files, so that the shared ones are completely anonymous


@bevilacqua just realized that I forgot to fill the form and should have put the 1 after the username

Should I send the logs again with Pedrodemio1 user?


I’ll add it manually, no problem


a little bump for more data :slight_smile:


I found a bug when preprocessing, I’ll update the files in 1h and add some more personal data.


did this ever get updated I don’t see much data


Its all I got, I belive there should be ab 200 samples, I’ll check if the ones in the shared folder are ok

Edit: you could do your part and share your rides too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



sorry I kinda forgot to post the promised work, I had my final meeting last week, where I got green light to freely post the entire work.

Take a look if you are interested.

Presented is some (rather simple) statistical analysis of the collected data as well as a Esk8 focused driving cycle (similar to a US-FTP75 or a WLTC).

If you spot any errors or have questions please let me know. (edited the link to exclude personal data)

Thanks again to all the guys who shared their data :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Will go make some popcorn and then to go read it


:smiley: hehe thanks


Reading… Enjoying it so far… :slight_smile:

Do you care about some proofreading feedback? For example, there’s this:

The MOSFET gate driver, DRV8302 or DRV8302,

and you’re probably missing a reference here:

Jäger et al. for example used smart-phones...


sure, as well, I’ll correct it in later in Latex, thanks for letting me know, there has to be an error in the citation link


I started a google document here. I’ll update it as I read. It’s writeable for anyone in case other people want to contribute.



When will the cut off date be for giving metrlogs? Ill have my board done in June and would like to participate :slight_smile:


Its all automated, to keep the database growing there is no deadline at all.

This “pile” of data could be helpful for other users that need it to do some cool analysis. I’ll maybe create another thread just to separate it from my personal work and to keep it alive

(Note.: I have to do some minor adjustment to do to the shared database, If you want to use that data please wait 1-2 Days)


Just saying that it’s already on my ever growing folder of papers used as reference for my DD build

The drive cycle approach is really good, to be honest is all that I needed, a few weeks ago I was doing some thermal simulations but the input was just one ride of my board with a really coarse approximation using a series of steps

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