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ESK8 WW Field Study. Statistical Analysis of Telemetry Data. METR / ACK / eSkate VESC etc



yes, exported csv files include all the data.
The google form causes a bit of confusion… The main goal is to analyze how the battery/power is used. It doesn’t really matter what config you are running. The assumption I am making is that everyone uses more than “enough” power on their boards, at least 90% percent of the builders.

To sum things up, I just need raw data, and lots of it, regardless of the board configuration.


the G.Form just completes, even more, this open-database.


This will finally give me some motivation to start tracking my eskate data using Bluetooth! I’d love to be able to help you w/ my data.


I have a bunch of logs using the Xmatic app by @twan. How to share? I have access to the files since I’m jailbroken, but also I don’t want to include location of these logs. @twan can you help me out? :grin:


I delete the location when I preprocess the files, so that the shared ones are completely anonymous


@bevilacqua just realized that I forgot to fill the form and should have put the 1 after the username

Should I send the logs again with Pedrodemio1 user?


I’ll add it manually, no problem