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ESK8 WW Field Study. Statistical Analysis of Telemetry Data. METR / ACK / eSkate VESC etc



looks good.

id just ask for motor size instead of radio buttons. like ive got dual 6380’s, which arent selectable.

i like the idea of data validation though.

also, there are some standard boards out there that should all be the same - like lacroix, raptor 2.0, etc.

im out and about now. lemmie check it out from a pc.


I’ll modify it.
edit: Motor count should be = esc count


survey design is a field unto itself.

also, maybe create a video about how to harvest the data from the vesc, esp the motor kv.

also, maybe add an ‘other’ to the prebuilts and a text box for the user to fill in.


Will you share the data too? I would be really interested in it also for some ML

Would be great if you get some logs with different types of failures!


I could save it in a shared Google Drive folder. Only for those who are interested.
Just DM me your email.


Great idea m8!
In the google form please add other battery Ah ratings, please. E.g. I have some 4.5Ah hobby lipos.
I’d like to see the graphs you come up with!


I’ll update it :+1:t2:


Open Database Files: Link

As @sk8l8r asked for the files I’ve decided to share the database logs. These are preprocessed files that have the same structure as ack./eskate vesc app .csv files. The files do not contain latitude/longitude values, so they are completely anonymous.

I’ll continue updating the database.

This is the file structure:

All strings are overwritten by zeros so that it can be easily opened by csvread.
The Cell R1C19 contains the weight data. R1C17 the number of vescs.

The name of the files is the unix-timestamp of the start-time. Metr logs have only the start and end value.

Please keep sharing your logs :slight_smile: , the more files the better the results will get

I know that everyone wants shiny plots, just give me some time.

Best, Mathias


as soon as i get home!


@bevilacqua Nice endeavor, just sent you all logs I had

Do you have a time frame for completion? My graduation thesis is to engineer a hub motor for large urethane wheel (Gummies 125mm) and small pneumatics (6,5")

I had a plan to do something similar but much simpler and only with my data, would love to reference your work for all the goals and power/torque needs


I hope I can have it finished by Jan. 2019. Then I’ll work on something related to it on my master’s thesis.
Thanks for sending the data :slight_smile:


That’s great, out of curiosity, what you plan to do on your master’s?

I think we can soon open a thread to share all academic works being done on the esk8 topic


The idea was to obtain the optimal values for a city commuting e-skate. Not just focused on the range calculated by some ideal wh/km figure. For example, do we even use the maximum capabilities of our batteries? What would be the minimum size to commute a set distance whilst having no power limitations? etc

I’d like to do something more hardware oriented on my master’s thesis. Making a hub motor sounds great!


Following your idea the optimum esk8 you could not focus on the drive system, but in the board as a whole and them build it, it can be a pain to define the goal and set the weights for each criteria to get the best board for a given use case, but the result should be great


yeah, average wh/km calculation is not exactly the goal. But rather to see how the battery is used. Combining that with some research papers of battery usage (max current/time, max pulsed charge etc)


@rpasichnyk Hi Roman, could the metr app have the feature to export all the records for a set module?

Not just for the sake of sharing it here, but to keep the ride urls sored in a place that is not the app. If the app gets deleted all will be lost.
I, for example, lost all the ride data of my older module :confused:


You can export / import all the records (not just the URLs, but the data too) by copying *.r and *.s files from the application directory. For Android, you can use file manager or connect to your computer and copy. For iOS, connect to your mac and use iTunes File Sharing to transfer data.


Wonderful :slight_smile:


Easier sharing of metr logs via macOS or android. Allows to select multiple files at once:




So, I have a few questions @bevilacqua

First, I have tons of logs from my board with a ton of different configs that I can’t track down exactly when things changed. 16/32, 16/36, 20/32, 20/36… Ratios from 1.6-2.0 basically… 90mm, 107mm fly’s, six shooters, 10-40A battery max, all scattered. Your board form is great, but I’m afraid I can’t pin down what log correlates with what config, so for now I’ve just made one (my latest) config and submitted only those logs. My question- are all the other random logs useful to you? Now that I think about it, I remember Ackmaniac’s csv files should include all the board settings data… edit… It does! My CSV files all include the exact board data… Wheel size, gear ratios, battery amps… Do we really need an additional form or can your scripts maybe do a check for this data and automatically process it?

Second question… If your answer is should I submit them all now?