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Esk8 map of users



Did you figure this out yet?
Is it not possible on a smart phone?


Yeah… Saw the link but I didn’t know what the word “deprecated” meant, I thought the meaning of that sentence was the opposite of what it is.
I’m not a native english speaker… Sorry :sweat_smile:


Hi, I do apologize, the software can’t do that yet.

I will implement this functionality tomorrow, user will be able to update it in a similar fashion to changing a password - you will receive a link to change it to your email address ( if you provided any - if you didn’t, let me know and I will assign it in the software ).

Web client should receive an update too!




Hi, I unfortunatelly didn’t managed to get everything done as the UI work took me significantly longer than I expected, so the major update will be postponed.

What I can show you though is the new web client:
It’s a complete rewrite of the original client to Angular with a completely new UI.
It’s still missing a few core features and you may encounter some bugs - please report them if you find any, feedback is more than welcome.


Can’t we pin this post? Its hella useful/intresting


We would need to put the correct link in the first post and also fix the instructions


From Fairbanks, Alaska so I feel you but now live in Spain so also not so much


Hi guys, I’m migrating the esk8 map to a new server with 99.99% SLA.
There will be a short downtime until the DNS is fully refreshed around the globe.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


Then I should wait for that to go live, to add my self?


I think I added myself to wrong one also


There is no wrong one. The old server has been shut down. If it loads, it’s the new server. It may not load for people that visited it recently as the computers cache old DNS ( domain -> server IP ) records and refresh them only ever so often - reboot usually solved this.


i click the las link you shared, and there is only a search bar, nothing more T.T


That’s weird, works on my device.
What’s your browser?




Okay, I’ve installed Chrome and can confirm that the new beta client doesn’t work in it, I will figure this out and include a fix in the next beta release.

Till then, you can use the current stable client at