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Esk8 map of users



Did you figure this out yet?
Is it not possible on a smart phone?


Yeah… Saw the link but I didn’t know what the word “deprecated” meant, I thought the meaning of that sentence was the opposite of what it is.
I’m not a native english speaker… Sorry :sweat_smile:


Hi, I do apologize, the software can’t do that yet.

I will implement this functionality tomorrow, user will be able to update it in a similar fashion to changing a password - you will receive a link to change it to your email address ( if you provided any - if you didn’t, let me know and I will assign it in the software ).

Web client should receive an update too!




Hi, I unfortunatelly didn’t managed to get everything done as the UI work took me significantly longer than I expected, so the major update will be postponed.

What I can show you though is the new web client:
It’s a complete rewrite of the original client to Angular with a completely new UI.
It’s still missing a few core features and you may encounter some bugs - please report them if you find any, feedback is more than welcome.


Can’t we pin this post? Its hella useful/intresting


We would need to put the correct link in the first post and also fix the instructions


From Fairbanks, Alaska so I feel you but now live in Spain so also not so much