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esk8 builders | T-Shirt Design Competition


Over the last few years the ‘build your own eboard movement’ has grown from strength to strength - Building your own eboard is a growing trend worldwide and it’s not slowing down, everyday more & more people are experiencing the huge sense of fulfillment & performance benefits of building DIY Electric Skateboards.

As the numbers of eboard builders grows worldwide i think it’s time we all had shirt we can proudly wear that expresses who we are & what we do.


  1. Design a Graphical Logo to be printed onto a shirt.
  2. The Logo should include text / shapes / patterns.
  3. The Design should be monochromatic. Black Or White is generally best.
  4. Ultimately you are designing a T-shirt & Logo, so think about how you make use of the front & back of the t-shirt.
  5. The ideal design would consist of a LOGO & A SLOGAN - The slogan doesn’t necessarily need to be incorporated into the logo it can be a stylised text. Maybe you will have logo on front & text on the back or vice versa.
  6. The Design must incorporate a text element expressing the “message of our movement” a kind of catch phrase/slogan that concisely identifies what we do as eboard builders.

Message Examples;
“I build eboards”
“esk8 builder”
“life’s too short to push”
“esk8 or die”
“electric skateboard artist”

TIP: For anyone that is not experienced in the field of graphic design you can still enter a quality shirt design (like the one I posted below) by making use of online design software such as this one provided by CustomInk.com


  1. Design a shirt and post the pictures, front & back, into this thread.
  2. You may enter up to three different designs.
  3. Each design must be entered into a unique post onto this thread so it can be " :heart: " (liked)
  4. Forum members vote for the designs they like by clicking the :heart:
  5. The design with the most likes wins.


  1. The designer of the winning shirt gets one of the new Enertion Wood & Carbon Fiber Decks - with built-in carbon fiber components enclosure.
  2. The first 20 entrants to the competition will get a free shirt with the winning design printed on it.



As an example: here is my first entry into the competition, I designed this using the online t-shirt design tool that I linked above.

If you like my T-Shirt design vote for it by clicking the :heart: below!


we could just draw up the logo though if the online shirt maker is not our cup of tea right?


yes… you can make the design using any software you want.





I tried to change the back design. I can change it again & again if u guys dont like it. cheers


Hi lads,

I can’t put my 2 other images. How do I do this? and perhaps it’s because of I am a new user. Thanks


HI NIK!.. you need to post a few times before your account gets fully activated…

go post here & go comment on someones build or somthing



Is there any deadline for the submission?



hi @onloop

Is there any possibilities that this new hybrid deck will be on sale? love the design. keep up the good work.



The competition will run for a month or two.

Yes. The deck will be for sale.


Keep calm and e.sk8


e.sk8 officer :smile:


Life’s too short to push! :smile:


The goal of my design was a minimalistic and clean look, so I only added one photo and line of text. So far I really like the designs that have come in. Thanks for the contest Onloop!


well i might as well give it a shot, hope you guys like it.



The contest period is 1 or 2 month


Here is my first submission. I will try to get more in the near future.


Here’s mine: