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Esk8 article with lots of mistakes


If you think carefully about how to develop the best electric skateboard that you can, and put a lot of time, research, and money into the process, this article from a generally reputable news source in the US will break your heart!


That was cringe worthy


An under-powered electric skateboard would defiantly be a waste of money

Can’t even spell check their article…


That is what they call in the business …a “fluff piece”


want to kill people in the article, is that okay?


Terrible article.



That “kids” tag at the end was what got me.


gotta make sure to hit that demographic!! :baby: :thumbsup:


The huff post has never been a reputable source for news and is a feminist run cluster fuck shit show.


Seems a bit harsh man, I just want to talk about skateboards :slight_smile:

I think that we can all agree that this article is a shit show!


Most of the links in this “article” are not even to electric skateboards. How did a human even write this?


Omg, that so called “article” was ridiculous. It reads like a 4th grade book report. Which should be offensive to 4th graders. It sickens me to think Janet Miller actually got paid anything for this steaming pile of horse shit. Idiot.


The harsh facts dont lie