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Esk8 Ancestry: a look at our DNA


This tread will be used to post and debate about those ancient skateboard & longboard developments forgotten long ago. ‘Archeological’ discoveries found by eboarders in old magazines, catalogs, posters, photographs, adds, tv comercials, movies, video or any other type of advertising campaign. A look at our hobby’s past before it became what it is today.


That camber is insane…


Incredible curvature, seems very flexy.


Does anyone remember a Kickstarter called halftone or dualtone wheels. They were supposed to have 2 duros for each wheel.


how the hell :laughing:


http://www.broadbayboards.com/Halftones This what they are now but I’m pretty sure the kick starter was for dual duro wheels.


weird :thinking:

what would have been the benefit from that lol…


Not sure at all


No where does it say they’re two duro wheels. Two color wheels but not duro. Especially if they are designed for sliding. There is no benefits to two duro in one wheel.


what i figured :man_shrugging:


Two duro wheels would actually benefit for more grip in pretty much every situation where you wanna limit rolling resistance, for electric board it’d be acceleration, braking and corners. It also helps eating road bumps.

It’s been used for at least a decade in inline skating and F1 race cars.

Edit : Note that there is a wide array of choices today including rubber tyres so… Apart from specific cases it may be not be super relevant for Longboards. I’d like to see a test.


Jason made a video with a bit of a history of the esc’s that have been used in the past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOzTdqe6TVc
idk how much is true about it but its quite interesting


Reckless MORPH - Quad Indoor Roller Derby Speed Skate - Dual Durometer Wheels


they look really good :o

e: rip saw the size of em


These look so slick, when we getting colorful board wheels like these? :grin:


I have some old concrete wave magazines… Not super old, does that count? Lots of fun downhill related stuff in those.


Bring it on!


you better make a nostalgia post!


Aluminum boards, one of my favorite subjects.


I love concrete wave. Those mags are great