EggsTravaGanZa 4-Day Sale

Enertion Raptor 1 deck for sale $175 obo


States $175 + shipping ! Price somewhat negotiable
Comes with 2 fiberglass lids


Will give you $50…


You’re a funny guy


Just following your example :wink:


How much does this deck weigh?


Awesome deck, will be a piece of esk8 history


I wish it was in better condition

that oofie on the back of the bottom really makes me sad :frowning:


Just send it to @Sender he will make it look like Jason just pooped this bad out yesterday.


Its just clear sealant that i haven’t scraped off. It just needs to be cleaned and polished. Its not my top priority right now. Especially since it isn’t riding season yet, so its just collecting dust in my closet right now


Bump for a nice deck.


hmm I have an entire Raptor 1 drive train and I regret selling my deck…



Don’t get ideas because chances are it will bit you in the ass :joy:

I’ve got a space cell 3 new, and a new rspec 6355…