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Enertion R-SPEC DRIVE KIT | Best Build Competition - WIN CASH BACK

Hey @evoheyax, can you, please, send me some infos on this ^past deal" (12S 25Ah) ? What kind of lipo was it ?

Here is my build :grinning:


Couldn’t find this thread earlier so here it it.


Great builds guys! It’s amazing how far diy esk8ers has come in the last few years! Fucking pros!

Note: We decided to extend the competition until end of February!

So let’s keep seeing the awesome builds!


How many others have submitted builds for the competition so far?

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It appears to be three including you

Here’s my entry:


where can we see the current entries?

Jesus dude scroll up :man_facepalming:


The competition is over, we will announce the winner soon!


Oh man can’t wait to see who won even though we all know who won.

If you have a build you want to submit for consideration be sure to link it HERE so we can see it! - you have 24 hours to self nominate and make us aware of your build.

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Well i’ll nominate my build in the exhibition category lol


That is really a amazing build!

This guy hasn’t posted here:



thanks BruSkater !!!

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My Entry to the R-spec Drive Kit Best Build Comp-

Solar Bone Breaker 2.0

Deck: ORRSOM Longboard 985mm tip to tip Concave

Under Tray: Trampa ORRSOM LONGBOARD Underboard Battery Tray 63cm long CNC precision mounting holes

Drive System: Enertion Raptor R-Spec 2.1 Drive System

Wheels: Enertion Raptor Ghost 90mm

Batteries : 12s4p Samsung 30Q custom built pack

Regen System: jiang Flexible Solar Panel Thin Film Module DIY 1W 6V Photovoltaic Cells, Blue DROK DC/DC Boost Converter 12-60V to 12-80V Step-up Voltage Regulator 600W Auto Power Supply Transformer Adjustable Output Volt

VESC: Enertion Unity VESC

Trucks: Custom Remodeled Enertion "extra wide " edition.

Controls : Enertion Nano X and Custom "POWER GLOVE " remote . Switchable between both systems

HUD Display : Boscam receiver module and Adafruit 1.5” display

So I am new to this Forum and this is my second build but first time posting . I am posting to enter my build to Enertion 2.1 drive system contest build. I hope you guys can give me feed back and not beat me up to badly . I also hope the build really show cases the contest rules and maybe bends a few of them .

OK so first off, this build was Sponsored by my work , to be more specific Mattel…Hotwheels Group . Yeah Hotwheel as in thee die cast cars most of you grew up with . I wanted to start off with the names of the people who helped make this board build possible . Micheal Kadile (ME) hahah, Riki Yoshida , Sam Tsui, Kevin Cao, Jim Highwart, Rex Hidalgo, Chris Downs, Rafael Bencosme and Cesar Correa(the guy that got me into Eboards) .

We wanted to attack this build with a innovation heavy theme rather than just a use of the motors on a board build . Like just slapping the awesome enertion 2.1 motors on a deck and making a build . I knew from my previous builds that wider was better also lower for more stability. So making some major changes to the 2.1 trucks required a redo on the stock hangers.



As you can see we widen the stock truck to make a 2" difference per side. In the pics above we just showed the rear ones being made and assembled. I will post pics of the front trucks later .

Another thing that I was interested was increasing over all distance with the battery . We decided to add some solar panels to the top of the deck . This was a major pain in the ASS!! The deck choice for this was the TRAMPA’s ORRSOM Longboard 985mm tip to tip Concave . I choose the 15 layer deck for the build . Now i say pain in the ass because if you know what material TRAMPA decks are made of and have ever drilled in or machined them …yeah that stuff is like fiber glass . Itch town 5000!!! Cover up and wear gloves . So we got solar cells and I routed out the top deck to accommodate the panels. The other guys where figuring out how to wire in the converter and reconfig it so that it would fit inside the Trampa lower tray. You can see what we got and the specs . I can go into detail later on the overall assembly but it wasn’t that hard just the deck prep was the most time consuming . Finding the right size solar cell was also an issue and ones you could stand on as well was challenge . You can see in the pics below what we found and used . The results of adding the Solar Cells to the top of the deck goes as follows .
So its not like ride it on solar power…hell there isn’t a car you can buy that does either. BUT…what we got out of the 7 solar panels is that you can get a mile for every hour that the board sits in direct sun. So if you where to travel 3 mile and hang out at the beach for 3 hours you would get your ride back . That also means no plugging in that’s just on solar regeneration. Now I live off the strand in Redondo Beach CA. Its flat …adding hill to the equation will change the amount and time to regen. Also clouds …big factor , sunny CA is very beneficial for this board build . If you leave the board in the sun or out on your deck or porch it would take 30 hours to charge fully from 10% . So it helps …not a 100% change in the way we regen but it does help with getting back some juice . With the solar converter there is also the ability to charge a device straight from the solar cells . So if you need to charge your phone on a sunny day out on a ride while taking a rest …there is that option.



Finding room in the tray for all the components wasn’t that hard . The new UNITY VESC was vital to saving room . The new vesc made it easy to drop in the BMS, a 12s4p Samsung 30q battery pack, GPS tracking, flight controller custom board , voltage reader , and xt90 -xt60 connectors. So Thanks again Enertion for the new designed Unity VESC. Also motor set up was so fast and easy !! I would say the longest part of the set up was waiting for my bluetooth to find the Unity VESC.

The controller , here is where I let the other teammates(Riki and Sam) decided how I would control the board. Now just a little back story … non of these guys ride !!! SOOOO they decided to make me a POWER GLOVE style controller. I know that this isn’t as much as a new way to control throttle and definitely not the best way, but why not try it . First time controlling this build with he glove style controller was needless to say… SCARY AS HELL!!! It was finicky and unnatural . I would say that this would be something that would require a little more tuning and thought. I put a Enertion NANO controller in after that first couple rides just to make sure I wouldn’t break another arm and shoulder again. We used a flight controller as well for the radio in conjuction witht he power glove style controller … There are some great options that you can tap into when you use a flight controller. Some feature that we added to the board where , onboard GPS Tracking , heads up display unit w/info, speed monitoring , voltage monitoring , and signal strength. Like i said …I did switch to the nano controller and we are trying to refine the final way we will control the board . I also mounted the Head Up Display to my helmet . Its kinda chunky but it does work …I can see all the things that I stated above by looking through that lens . No need to look at my phone or controller for speed or battery voltage .


This far into the build I asked my friend and co-worker Kevin Cao designer on HotWheels to put some design aspect to the board build . He designed the rear Kick Tail that doubles as a drag handle . The hex grip tape and HotWheels trim was made by Rafael Bencosme I think with more time I would have also liked to add a side retractable handle for carrying it. I will say this board isn’t light . I would say that it comes in at about 25lb . So the drag handle make it a little better than actually carrying it . Anyways here is the end results . Hope you guys like it …it was alot of fun putting this together . My hope in the end is to possibly make another board with some more innovative parts and possible wheel interchangeability. Enjoy and good luck to the other contestants .


This is it chief :clap: :100:


where are you located. My cousin-in-law work for Mattel in El Segundo

yeah I work in El Segundo …the Design Building .