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Enertion fast charger dont work



So today i tested my fast charger for the first time. Its not working… Switched to 220v (I live in germany). If i plug it in the light stay off. If i plug it in my Battery (Space cell 4) one light goes red but it wont charge.
I changed and tested the fuse, still working…
I really dont want to sent it back because auf sending costs and taxes.
@Onloop @EnertionSupport
Edit: The switch says 220v, i testet my ac voltage is 235. Is that input voltage okay or to much?


Try probing the charger port with a multimeter (inside positive, outside negative) to see what voltage your getting from the charger.


The output has 0v


Sounds like a busted charger. With any luck enertion will send you a replacement without needing to ship the broken one back.


sounds like a faulty charger. you need to take it up with enertion.