Enertion EU Warehouse - Batteries UPDATE


Hey everyone,

This is Nexty the Enertion EU Warehouse manager, lets me bring you some picture of today - we did received the batteries this morning, and support agent has started emailing customer with tracking number, few of them has been shipped and the process will continue until we finish the list :wink:

Yeah Yeah you read it right, Overpack! :smiley:

Cheers guys,


Wow thats great!!!

do you have any in stock to sell?



of course, load your order on enertion website and it will be shipped from here :slight_smile: dutie tax free :wink:


This will make a lot of people happy ! Keep it going EU warehouse !


I’ll try to ship all of those ASAP, already 8 on their way, scheduling to finish by the end of this week :wink:


I ordered with the new remote, will the battery be send and the remote later on? (When the remote comes in stock)


That is correct, what is your order number cesar? I have proceed with the Belgium order this morning - it might be you :slight_smile:


Order number is #5626


Yes! :slight_smile: Will order asap!


I’ll discuss internally about this order so I can ship it tomorrow!


Thank you verry much!



sorry again to the very patient customers… this took longer than expected to arrive!.. but as we grow we are learning how to do everything faster and better…

we look forward to servicing our loyal EU customers with much greater speed from now and also we will continue to work on new deals that are “import duties free”

Thanks again to my EU warehouse manger Nexty.

We have some big plans! So stay tuned.


Anytime and agree moving forward everything will be going faster :wink:

I’ll do another thread when I do receive they other shipment … yeah you know what I’m talking about V.E… :slight_smile:

moving on to the postoffice, 11 batteries left to be shipped, so planning to finish that for tomorrow


Et voila, Ordered a space cell pro 3. :slight_smile: Happy times will come (hopefully fast :slight_smile: )


And existing eu vesc orders?


Great step for Enertion!


as soon as I received them they will be shipped here, I have a long list :slight_smile:


Very nice! This is soo important for the EU people! :smiley:


hey your batterie has been shipped today :slight_smile:

also, all the batteries has been shipped actually :slight_smile:


Thanks man!