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Enertion build for sale great price $$$$


I’m selling my first build to fund a new one. this board is amazing and I love it. I took a bad spill 2 weeks ago (broke my collarbone) and I want to build a slower more stable board. the board goes about 35mph with my bigger battery 6s 5000mah. it comes with 2 sets of batteries 4 in total. batteries you can check out my add on ebay.


thanks for looking.


Not even close to a Boosted Board… lol

I think you might get more money just selling it in parts. Someone will pounce on that VESC and Motor really fast…


Umm, I may have misinterpreted this, but f**k no. 35mph at 6s with a 14/36 gear ratio? Uh no. Sorry man just telling the truth. MAX speed should be more like 18-20mph.


You would need a 420KV motor to get to 35mph with that setup.


its 2 6s lipos is series


Oh I see, you should specify that… Cool.


This is like deja vu, same thread confusion last week lol


somehow following your link i ended up here

Pretty interesting, dual 6355’s i think, 15mm belts, steel angle mounts…mtb wheels. 620 shipped. :ok_hand:

also why not just switch to 6s in parrallel, or you know…slow down? :thinking:


whats the range on this board?


about 25 miles on both batteries I have 2 6s lipos and 2 5s lipos. @Sbandaru


China facrory. the ESC is 18A only and motors 50A. @saul


yeah most boards that come from China are crappie and they lie