Enertion big announcement?


You might just see 111mm wheels soon actually


That would be so nice. I had a motor die recently and having a single focbox was nice.


enertion can’t afford to use @torqueboards’ wheels factory.


finnaly good service and products (besides the focbox)?


I’m guessing it’s not batch 3 Unity’s :frowning:


I just got a broken one for 35 bucks, gonna get it fixed and replace my unity unity they can fully confirm its safe


High amp unity… with the same tiny wires :smiley:


I was browsing Enertion website the other day. And this flickered by:

Raptor 2.1 Scout 1299 USD.


New products, just in time that they have finished shipping and fixing all others…

oh wait…


I heard new remote this year… maybe it’s already ready?


Travel battery is my guess.

Im not an EE, but If they were really smart it would be engineered like two or three individual flightsafe (no greater than 99wh) batteries packed together. Like the power tool flexvolt batteries that when connected a few terminals get connected linked.the Wh doubles/triples.

I know, pure conjecture.


Who needs that when they can just put a 99wh sticker on the battery?


Brings 4 kilogram battery on board of a plane. “Trust me, these cells are full of sand and case is made of lead.”


Probably don’t do that haha


Yeah don’t do that. It’s already been done here, and there may be a patent on it. :wink:


@brenternet you’re right m9. This was in the esk8 Sydney page as roan is in Sydney atm :wink:


Are those Lofty wheels? I feel like I’ve seen those somewhere else. :thinking:


they’re made in the same factory as boosted so idk


They’re all the same thing, sure of it


I just wish orangatang would produce stealthy Caguamas. I hate the green inner-ring they are using on all their wheels.