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End of the Single Drive FOCBox


Fair point, but that won’t hold us forever!


I am still really curious about the Flipsky VESC 6.6. Does anyone own one? What is your experience? Have you trying it with 12s? What is the eRPM limit?


Search the forum, I there’s a bunch of threads for it and I did one to try and pull the info together.

Basics though is that both the 6.6 single and 4.12 single perform well at their respective price points, the 4.20 single is poop. There are obvious issues with Asian supply but they have been ok so far.


If you look on the forum in the build logs most people are going dual I wish enertion wouldnt get rid of the focbox but I can also see why.


If this thing works as promised I can see why Enertion would stop producing the single FOCBOX. Maybe they already new other manufacturers were working on something like this so they decided to just focus on making an even more badass redesigned VESC aka the Unity.


what’s going on with yours?
did you have overheating issues?


I didn’t buy one and I made this post before reading your thread to be honest. I am trying to launch a small board building business and I want to try to have 12 boards ready to ship by spring of next year. I want to do single motor and dual motor builds. For the dual builds I will likely use the Unity if I can get a 100 unit group buy together so I can get the $210 price, but I need a new source for a VESC for the single motor builds since the FOCBox single will no longer be produced. I think the MTVESC is the answer to my problems though after hearing about your experiences.