Electric longboard pulleys



Dose anybody know where I can get a motor mount, 36T wheel pulley and a 16T motor pulley ??? without breaking the bank??


It’s @torqueboards website.


oh ok thanks I have already been looking on and they have a Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit and its includes Motor Pulley, Drive Wheel Pulley and Belt are included but its not in photos so I’m not sure if I trust ill get what is says included??? the price is 120$ so I don’t want to order it and it arrive and only the motor mount is in the box and not what it said was include


@electriclongboard - You’ll get what’s listed. Sorry for the lack of photos.


oh ok thanks it feels good to talk to the owner of the website I’m buying from I will contact you if I have any other questions.


It might sound expensive but the quality is worth it. I bought a wheel drive kit from @torqueboards for my first build. It’s survived scratches, bumps, and a few crashes without ever giving me a problem, and the motor mount is incredibly simple to figure out, just make sure you really lock it in place


And super fast shipping