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eBoosted Enclosures thread



I was honestly inspired by @Deckoz I saw his 13s5p he fit in your regular enclosure and figured a DS could fit this that’s why I asked you to make it for me :slight_smile: thank you!


So I messed up and forgot to buy the rubber gasket, can I just buy something off of amazon to avoid the $40 shipping?



Where are you located? let me see how can I help you to avoid shipping charges


Thanks Alan, I’m in Canada. I understand if it’s not possible. And your enclosure is really well done by the way.


Hey mate are you going to make an enclosure for the Kut-thaka? I got one and I’ll be happy with a 10s3p. Looks like a good commuter board.


I ordered it some days ago, I’m still waiting for it in Lima and I’ll start the enclosure. 12s3p wouod be sweet


Two battery layers or single?


I’ll need to have the deck here to make sure about that, it’ll probably be a DS


would be interested to know the biggest wheels that we can run on the deck. I just checked out your Biohazard build again and hope we won’t need anything bigger than the 1/4" risers you used there to go for something like 107s :laughing:


On a short deck, smaller wheels always look more harmonic


Will the universal enclosure take 20700 batteries? Or are they too tall?


Hello Bill, the 20700 enclosure will fit a 12s3p of 20700 cells and 4 focboxes


To be sure, we are talking about the Universal Enclosure. It will have FocBox Unity. So I am thinking 12S4P 20700 is possible. Is that right?


No the 12 universal will only fit 18650 cells in a maximum of 12s4p, the 20700 trampa enclosure will for a 12s3p 20700 and 3ñ4 focboxes


On the jet spud single stack what is the biggest 12s battery you can fit with 1 or 2 vesc?


@Eboosted your enclosure made my dreams come true, she’s all done and everything fit inside like a charm. 4focbox, 12s8p, BMS and I have space left for my antispark that’s coming in.


I was able to mount a 10s3p with dual focboxes and a charge only bms, you could fit a 12s3p with no bms otherwise you could also squeeze it on top of the focboxes.


that is a BEAST!
How much did this setup run you total? :o


@Eboosted do you have any enclosure that’ll take 8x Turnigy Graphene 4S 6,000mAh under a Trampa HolyPro35 deck? Dimensions are 168x69x34mm per pack, but add a bit more width for wiring, say 12mm so 180mm wide in total.