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Ebike "shark" battery



US EU No Tax Hailong 36V 13AH Electric Bicycle Battery 36V 12.5Ah Li-ion Battery Pack for Bafang BBS01 350W 500W Motor

Anyone use these shark type batteries on a board? Pretty sleek looking and supposedly good quality cells. I guess China has singles day going on and there’s some good deals on batteries


You would have to change the BMS. 20a is too little. Also there is no info about cell discharge nor their model.
And how would one mount this bulky battery? Only top mount somehow


Yeah I’m looking into top mount. The bms was the real limiter. So what’s the factor that sets the continuous rating needed? Is it the motor combined with what voltage the battery is determining regular amp draw?


In theory you would need as much as your motor needs. More is always better to limit voltage sag. If you would go 10s5p 30q, would get 75a continuous.
For single drive 10s3p 30q is good, 10s2p is acceptable but big sag, low range and less battery life.


So bare with me here :
Motor is 65A, rated for 60A. That battery I listed is outputting 75A continuous (they claim its Samsung LG or Panasonic) but the BMS only supports 20A. So is it only acceptable for low wattage motors that can’t pull that many Amps?


It will work on flat road. Uphill might not work at all.
Chinese hub boards use 18a per hub with 10s2p30q and they don’t do hills


I didn’t realize the BMS had that much of an effect on discharge. I thought it was meant to handle cell balancing /charging only.


If it’s a charge only BMS it will be fine. But it looks like it’s not bypassed
Where did it say it’s 75a discharge?


I thought that was provided by you in reference to 10s5p configuration.


If it was 30q battery. But it’s not because 30q are 3000mah each


Ah I see, in reference to c value. Thank you for your info and patience!


I thought it was 10a from each hub?

your point still stands :laughing:


Which motors do you use 36V or 48V?


It’s my understanding that brushless motors don’t have a set voltage rating. It’s rpm per volt supplied. These are the motor specs though


That is correct they don’t have a set voltage, well until a certain point, I don’t think it would like having 100v pumped through it


Challenge accepted!


Maytech are one of the best motors


These seem to carry a pretty solid reputation, thanks! @psychotiller


Can’t wait to see the 24s build!


I’m going to assume that doesn’t void the warranty?