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Last batch he did it for 60 euros plus shipping
Just to give an idea, it can change obviously


Has Jen’s agreed to produce them if we can get 5 sets? I’m potentially happy to order two sets and I’ll sell the other set on if needs be


Yeah, I asked for a set for myself, but it’s not worth the time for a single set
So we’re all set @Lionzion and @BigBrit

@Nowind start the machine !!
Actually, if you take the time, it won’t hurt to have a small step forward of these, I’m sure more people are interested in buying some, I haven’t ask the french forum, and some persons are interested in Leiftech’s private group


Is that the Facebook private group? I’ve sent a join request but still waiting to be accepted. Could you poke someone for me?

My plan would be to sell on the second set on there tbh as I think I will just keep one set


Sure thing !
I think @okp is a moderator of the group too


I will text Cedric then, didn’t realise!


should be fixed!


Yep, cheers bro


hey Anastase!, add me in the list: interested for the leiftech wheels!


@RookieTwo okay ! 1 or 2 sets?
@BigBrit You want to stick with 2 sets or only one ? We have the 5 needed


I’ll go back to 1, was just trying to help out by increasing to two but I’d we have the 5 then we’re good!


I’ll go for 2 sets! (yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder)


@Nowind are we on then bro? Got a load of sets now!


1 set for : @DavidC @BigBrit @Balta_6
2 sets for @RookieTwo @Lionzion

lets move in my leiftech thread :


Just to show some pics of the fkn gorgeous MINI Dual Direct Drive -Full CNC Aluminium-MTB Trampa “Black LF4 Hard Anadozised” upgradet with the Silent Helical Gears and Keyway option :blush:

Easy to set, fkn insane to use … I’m in love :heart_eyes: and my friend too (the proud and recent owner of this monster)

Big Up Jenso :v: thanks a lot brotha :wink:




Nice clearance !!
And nice build !


Ordered yesterday :grin:


:crazy_face::call_me_hand: This kit is even crazier than what I could image !!!

I feel like riding on the puff, or even quieter !!
During the testing, we could just hear mostly the Kart extractor ventilation, my finger on the cam, the wind, and a bit the motor! Fkn crazy bro !!!
I’m in love, can’t wait to make mine :v::heart_eyes:

And thx @Pimousse, you could run with him maybe the WE ! :wink:


bravo, nice work, and what a silence …