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Dual Motor First Build | Flipsky 6374 | Focbox Unity | Hill Climber



I’ve been reading the forum for a little under 6 months and I think I’m ready to build my own electric longboard. I chose some specs that I thought that might be good for hill climbing etc. I am around 70 KGs, so medium flex and I live in NZ so shipping and tax is a bit of a pain, but I did my best to pick a good price to performance board. I don’t want to solder any batteries but I am open to doing some custom electronics. Here is my spec List, any input is greatly appreciated:

Parts List:
Dual Motor Setup: Flipsky s 6374
Trucks and Motor Mount kit: Neon Green motor kit
Remote Control: Nano X 2.4 GHz Remote
10s4p Battery Pack:R2 S.P.A.C.E 10s4p battery
Focbox Unity: Focbox unity (btw does anyone know how long this will be on presale for?)
BMS and Charger/port: Mboards 10s BMS
Maybe my board?: Dusters 30-inch cruiser
(For the board, I was thinking I could make my own custom one if I had the time but I wanted to be around this size)

This is my first build so I’m not sure what other parts I’ll need so I could be missing some pieces.

This is the approximate price it works out to, I wanted something around 2500 NZD which works out to about 1700 USD
I’m essentially trying to make a better spec version of the boosted mini but with a similar form factor and size


What is you plan for an enclosure?


I was planning on 3d printing one but I would have to wait until all the parts come in so I can model them to fit perfectly


Don’t get a bms from mboards. He has bad reputation.
Don’t waste money on flipsky. Get motors from forum vendors or torqueboard
Also dual 6374 won’t fit standard caliber clone truck. For that you need upgrade to 218.


Oh thanks for the heads up I’ll update it to have the 218mm trucks and torqueboard 6374,
As for the BMS I’m having a little bit of trouble finding a good one do you recommend any for a 10s setup?


Bestech or supower BMS. Ask on the forum if someone has.


Bestech is definitely the BMS you want to go with most of the people use that


Awesome, I was also wondering how hard it is to wire up a BMS with a premade battery pack like the R2 battery?


Just takes some patience and forum Search


Yes, this is a good bms: