Downtown Boston - Anybody around?


Hi all - sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this.

Basically, I’m going to be in Boston all day Sunday and Monday. I’ll be staying right next to the Whole Foods near Boston commons.

Simply put - I’ve never ridden a skateboard, or esk8 in my life. I do however have two 6374 170kv motors coming in along with a unity. I have no idea what board style I might be after - if there’s anybody who would be nice enough to let me check theirs out for a short while, it would mean a lot.

Although I’m almost 21… I happen to look like a slightly out of place 15 year old male xD



Actually… try

The regulars are heading over to new york for the warrior ride this weekend though :frowning:
Telegram is probably easier to get a hold of anyone around.


@treenutter I don’t think is very far from Boston


I already spoke with him, unfortunately he’s unable at the time.

That esk8 new england… Seems dead haha. It’s also a page, not a group unless I’m misreading.