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Double kingpin trucks for sale



Bought for a previous build, but never used them. Asking for $40 for the set.


Where did you obtain these trucks from?


China. Alibaba
It was like $45 with shipping


What are the specs? I’m helping guy who wants to build his own and he want a diy evolve with the AT tires (who doesn’t?). These might be perfect for him.


Me… i don’t. Lol


You got the link for the aliexpress thing ? I have a arbor zeppelin sitting with normal trucks, just waiting for some double kingpin (push, not electric)


Yeah, that’s fair. I was young and dumb when I first got here, I didn’t know any better. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pss. I wouldn’t ride double Kingpin over 30mph unless it was on a bet or i was getting paid. They are fun to carve but are not made for speed.


That was exactly my thinking. My friend wants torque and light offroad ability, not speed.


I love DKP but also wouldn’t go over 30mph on them. But I wouldn’t go over 30mph ever anyway --because it only adds astronomical risk and doesn’t really get you to where you’re going much quicker at all.


10". And the reason I don’t want them is exactly what everyone here is saying. It’s not great for over 30mph, but that’s exactly my plan😁


This is the link I got it from, but it looks like they raised the MOQ.


Bumpity bump