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Does somebody know who owns esk8.today?


For a couple of weeks website which I was using for calculations went down… Looks like server is down or etc but domain still present. If someone doesn’t want to run it anymore and would like to share the source code I could put it up on github pages or etc so it would never die :slight_smile:

P.S. I am talking about this: http://calc.esk8.today/advanced/


This one?


Damn why didn’t I think of that.


@saul owns it but since 8 days he has not responded to a PM about this


I noticed that yesterday it was down.


Any news regarding this website?


Nothing went and created my own https://calc.3dservisas.eu


Sweet! I was just wondering, why are you cutting range in half when choosing a 2-WD motor setup? I think I was reading some time ago that having 2 motors instead of one doesn’t really cut that much(twice as much) battery life/power as both motors become less loaded for same amount of work. Could you explain a little? Maybe here or in PM.