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I’m fine with lower top speed, I usually don’t go over 15-17 km/h anyways :wink:


alternative I can think of is something along these lines.

@Idea sells dual motor mounts for the ATS 12 trucks. The axle is 12mm, might fit trampa wheels without changing the bearings (depends on axle length).



I’ve got caliber 10 inch trucks. I have read of guys mounting dual 6355 motors on them. I think it should work. When I get home today I’ll try. If they fit I’ll get wheels from @diyeboard , they have some axel diameter as regular skate wheels, so no need for any special bearings or spacers. I hope I’m right haha, correct me if I’m wrong.


Its possible, very common setup.

Edit: sorry didn’t read fully, don’t think at wheels on 10inch trucks


You want the 6" airless? I have been wondering this for a while. I think th y are slightly wider than regular skateboard bearing spacing. I can try on wheel on my independent truck but I don’t have any caliber II. I have read about them not fitting standard trucks.


Yeah same here, slight modifications to the hanger need to be made to make them fit


Yeah, 6 inch airless. I just looked at my hanger and I think I can just squeeze 2 6355 motors :slight_smile:

Spacer wise I’m happy to get few different ones and play around.

@pat.speed what sort of modifications you have in mind?


@diyeboard Jason - whats the difference between this deck″-bamboo-and-maple-wood-deck-for-diy-electric-longboard-p-462.html


I understand that Vanguard is more flexible. Do you have any video on the regular 36 inch bamboo deck ( first link)? there is almost no description at all. I would be happy with slightly stiffer deck than vanguard.


I have not taken the time to check the airless tires other than the stock @diyeboard 9" trucks but I know @Jreamer fit them on his @torqueboards 218mm trucks. I just found out that the inner holes fit Starbucks straws perfectly… So if you want a little firmer ride you can cut down Starbucks straws and even possibly shoot silicone into them and put them in the inner holes… Such a perfect fit…Like it was meant to be. Might also protect material from ripping for those that are zip tying them to @psychotiller six shooter hubs because of slippage. I love these tires though. No issues so far for me. I would like to upgrade to psychotiller hubs for quality but the tires are a joy to ride on.


You just need to trim down some of the aluminium on the sides of the hanger because the axle isn’t long enough


Thanks @Pusher I shall get a set once they resume shipping.


Acceleration test with the 10s2p belt kit, this is with the old gearing 12/36.
The new gearing reaches 42km/h but since i have a flexy deck and enjoy acceleration more than topspeed i use the old gearing.


Can you tell me the max amp draw for the 10S5P battery?


They use 10A batteries. So 50A


So the accelerator sticking started happening again. I think it is the left motor, because there is a high pitched noise coming from it and a small clicking noise.


Just a general inquiry guys. Does anybody have a photo of both the 10S2P and 10S5P batterys side by side next to each other? thanks (for size difference comparisons).


Thanks! If I’m running dual then I need to split that right?


Yep, 25A available per esc


Would it be a good idea to set the max limit slightly lower for safety? Like 20? I assume it will limit torque output but may be worth it for battery longevity


so if my 10s5p board is dual and it came like that stock it should have two esc?